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You are Beautiful

You Are Beautiful!

Ever feel like when a compliment is paid to you, that it’s not sincere? Because really, is someone going to tell you that you’re having a bad hair day or those jeans are better left on the hanger? I am the youngest of four siblings in my immediate family- all ladies. A good part of my [Read On]


A Choice to Make

Wow, what an amazing day at Intentionally & Wonderfully Made 2015! I’m still processing my thoughts in response to God’s abundant goodness that day, but in the meantime, my dear friend Alissa from Life Under Construction stopped by to share her #IWM2105 story.   Get a cup of coffee and draw near, her story may [Read On]

marriage without loopholes

Marriage without Loopholes

Kick him to the curb. Move on. You deserve better. You’ve got the escape clause, get out now while you can. File for divorce. That’s what Matthew 19:9 says, right? If your spouse commits adultery, you’ve got a get out of marriage free card. It’s the loophole scripture, right? When learning your spouse has committed [Read On]


God, Help Me I’m Scared!

The pain swooped fiercely through my head. I could hardly bare the throbbing in my temples. My vision grew blurry, and from out of nowhere the severe headache caught me by surprise. In less than an hour, I had gone from laughter and my usual fun, outgoing, quirky self to being knocked flat off my size eight feet [Read On]


Hopeless: she wanted to die…

We’ve all got a story, and every story matters. A couple of weeks ago, a dear friend of mine shared her story with me, and I was in tears, realizing where she had been, and so thankful for where God has led and is leading her! Read her powerful story of life change because she took [Read On]