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Scott & Sherry
rick & beverly

It’s time for a Date Night!

WOW! Rick and I have been married nineteen years this month! Get out the chocolate, peanut butter, bananas, Alfredo sauce and a little pasta. We’re gonna fill the car with gas, head to TJ MAXX, then grab a movie. This calls for a celebration! For us, this is more than just another anniversary. This is [Read On]


Freedom from the Consequences of Sin

Ever feel like YOU are paying all the consequences of your spouse’s sorrowful choices? A few weeks ago, my oldest met an interesting homeless character. The man shared his story of freedom. He was once a self destructive alcoholic. He was physically dying and refuse to stop drinking. He was in the hospital for two months, then [Read On]


God, Help Me I’m Scared!

The pain swooped fiercely through my head. I could hardly bare the throbbing in my temples. My vision grew blurry, and from out of nowhere the severe headache caught me by surprise. In less than an hour, I had gone from laughter and my usual fun, outgoing, quirky self to being knocked flat off my size eight feet [Read On]


The Anniversary

Yesterday was our anniversary. There were no flowers, no cards, no romantic dinner…nothing. The Anniversary September 21 is a significant day in Scott’s life and mine. On September 21, 1991, we married, two young kids who had no idea what we were doing. I had my plan for marriage, Scott was along for the ride. [Read On]

love story

Greatest Love Story

What’s the greatest love story you’ve ever encountered? I recently read a trending article about lady who is a writer of a television show who chose to divorce her husband and pursue a relationship with an actress she works with. It’s not a show I know anything about, nor am I familiar with the people [Read On]