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Marriage: God Still Resurrects the Dead

I could hear the music playing on the overhead speakers. I began to fidget with my wedding ring, sliding it back and forth upon my index finger while anxiously waiting for the attorney to enter the room. The songs were quickly muffled by raging thoughts of daunting questions… the what ifs, the whys, and of [Read On]


Praying for Your Marriage

Combining two lives, histories, households, expectations into a marriage is tough! Nothing will make you more Christlike than marriage, if you let it. And little requires more prayer and submission to Your Creator, who, by the way, is also the Creator of marriage. We see the world’s way for marriage every day as we watch [Read On]


I ______ My Body: Wonderfully Made

Last week, I spent the day shopping with some friends in Raleigh for an upcoming trip. We had a great time talking and planning and enjoying each other’s company. But as I lay in bed that night, thinking back to our day, the one thing that stood out to me is how critical I was [Read On]


The devil made me…

It’s a common scenario. I find myself going farther than I ever intended, doing things well beyond long-standing boundaries I’ve set for myself. It seems “beyond me,” “beneath me.” How could I??? The devil made me do it. That must be it. …or could it be something else? Does the devil – or any of [Read On]


SEX: Keep The Passion ALIVE!

Honeychild, somebody pass the peanut butter and a chocolate bar this is gonna be one tee-totally, eye brow raising, foot stomping, giggling so hard I’m grabbing my belly, YES Christians can have fun, forget reality television, AMAZINGLY REAL blog post!! It’s been a weekend packed  with three speaking engagements, a district talent competition for both kids, [Read On]