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Proverbs 23: Think & Be Wise

For many years early in our marriage, I thought my husband was kind of a loser. I didn’t say that, but I spent a lot of time wishing he was more this, that and other thing; and less this, that and the other thing, based on my expectations for him. As I thought those things and [Read On]


Proverbs 22: Life

Did you go through premarital counseling before your wedding? With a pastor or a priest? Whether or not you did, your whole life has been a journey of premarital counseling. From the day you took your first breath (and honestly, even before!), you were learning about what a man/husband/father is and does and what a [Read On]


Proverbs 21: Motives

Seeing the fruit of years of my selfish, disrespectful attitude towards my husband was a quick study in realizing I couldn’t always control or plan the outcome. My motives weren’t destructive; I thought everything I’d said and been doing as a wife, controlling our finances, leading our family, having (what I know now to be [Read On]


Proverbs 20: The Heart

“Follow your heart.” Isn’t that what we hear from well meaning friends when we’re in a quandary? Yet sometimes it’s the heart that leads us right into trouble, outside of God’s desires for us. It’s an issue of the heart. When you respond quickly from the heart, drawing from your own desires, oh the potential [Read On]


Proverbs 19: If You Quit Listening

When I invited Jesus to be Lord of my life, life got so much more difficult. Because I was learning the truth and choosing to follow Jesus, I couldn’t quit when life got chaotic. My marriage seemed particularly hopeless, and so many days I wondered if standing for my marriage while my husband was living [Read On]