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Proverbs 28: Walking Your Own Way

Each one of us, at some point has chosen to “go our own way.” To step out on our own and live the life we’ve chosen to live. Many of us do this without the wisdom and guidance of God’s Word to show us which way to go. Sometimes, this works out well, others, not [Read On]


Proverbs 27: Friends

When I say friends, what comes to mind? Late night conversations, coffee dates, text messages, borrowed clothing or tools? When I think of friends, my mind runs through a rolodex of incredible friends, starting with childhood girlfriends, some of whom I still keep in touch with today, moving through middle school, high school, college, work, [Read On]


Proverbs 26: Foolish

Do you have to get the last word? Do you have to win every argument and discussion? I used to feel that way. Somedays I still do. And then I read Proverbs 26, and God reminds me of the characteristics of the foolish and how to respond to them. Or not.   Fools Recycle Silliness [Read On]

right word

Proverbs 25: The Right Word

Have you ever visited a place from your childhood and thought to yourself, maybe musing out loud how small everything looks? Or that you remembered everything being bigger?   It’s a matter of perspective, and getting a better one than you’ve got. I see everything from my 5’1″ perspective, so things look different to my [Read On]


Proverbs 23: Think & Be Wise

For many years early in our marriage, I thought my husband was kind of a loser. I didn’t say that, but I spent a lot of time wishing he was more this, that and other thing; and less this, that and the other thing, based on my expectations for him. As I thought those things and [Read On]