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Greatest Love Story

What’s the greatest love story you’ve ever encountered? I recently read a trending article about lady who is a writer of a television show who chose to divorce her husband and pursue a relationship with an actress she works with. It’s not a show I know anything about, nor am I familiar with the people [Read On]


Created to Wait

We’re all waiting for something aren’t we? Whether it’s for the coffee to brew in the morning, the pounds to melt away, to check out at the grocery store, a teenager to return home one evening, a positive word from the doctor, or a breakthrough in our marriage, everyone can make a list of the [Read On]


Where Does Your Help Come From?

Today marks a day in history which is very personal for each of us. We all remember where we were the morning of September 11, 2001. Each of us were and are affected by the events of that day and on some level, each of us still mourns. All of us go through a process [Read On]


The Blessing In Lila Mae’s Story

I could hear the rapid pounding of her knuckles against the hard wood frame as she began to knock fiercely on my hotel room door. “Housekeeping”, she shouted. I opened the door and ushered her in. Lila Mae was her name, jovial, animated and full of laughs, yet deep within her was a painful secret [Read On]


Why Aren’t They Suffering?

Why isn’t my spouse suffering in the midst of his/her affair? This is what we ask ourselves sometimes, isn’t it? When we’ve been betrayed by our spouse, right? Maybe your spouse isn’t showing any signs or indication of ever returning and coming home. They appear to be living life to the fullest, happy, and often [Read On]