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granny panties

Bye-Bye Granny Panties!

Hold on to your blue jeans for this one,  here comes a mighty confession! As a matter of fact, someone just might want to call me up and take me out to lunch! Whoodoggie…forget the lunch, just drop by my office with a dozen cream filled doughnuts, a couple of jars of crunchy peanut butter [Read On]


Fill My Rolo-SEX!

Do you remember the Rolodex? For those of you who are under 35, it was little round desk accessory that had hundreds of cards in it. The cards held information from business associates and contacts. When you wanted to call someone, you spun through the alphabetized names, picked up the phone (which was attached to the wall/desk [Read On]

Wedding rings and large bills of money

Trusting GOD with Finances

“You want us to do what? Are you kidding me momma? You want us to pray around the mailbox? I just gotta know one thing, have you lost it or joined a cult or something? Do you know what the neighbors will think if they see us praying around our mailbox?  My thirteen year old [Read On]


Promise of Restoration

Running is my prayer closet. Early in my running days before I knew Jesus, it was the place I could escape for a short time, a place of freedom and solitude, where it was just me and the road. When I came to know Jesus, He became my running partner. My runs became a place [Read On]

The natural upper Part of Isar River in Winter, Bavaria, Germany

What Kind of Day Will You Have?

You know those perpetually happy people. The kind who look like they don’t have a care in the world, every day they are always happy, upbeat and positive? I have been asked this question a lot lately: “Billiejean, how do you stay so positive all the time? You always seem to be in such great [Read On]