Sho' Nuff I've Done Flunked Motherhood!


It was a week full of demanding work schedules, speaking engagements, sports, church, kids' activities, bad news, and the onslaught of a severe case of “people pleasing syndrome.” I had just about managed to pluck out every protruding, scraggly, gray hair that was left standing catty wampus on my head. Everything and everyone seemed to get on my last nerve. There were unanswered emails, voice mails, committee meetings, Facebook messages, and a To Do List that would stretch from the top of a fifteen story high-rise building to a bottom floor basement.

Feelings of Failure in Motherhood

Why couldn’t I get it together? I felt like a complete momma failure. I mean, all the other moms bake gourmet home cooked meals, AND they change their bed sheets every two days. It seemed I could barely even manage to wash or change our bed linens once a month.

Feeling determined, I resolved that I would at least separate our endless mound of laundry into two piles. There was dirty, and then there was funky. Dirty meaning we could possibly wear it ONE more time, and funky meant you better grab a gas mask and RUN just as fast as you can while loading it.

In all honesty, the sense of defeat had left me feeling overwhelmed, burdened, unappreciated, and feeling so insignificant.... I thought to myself, Sho’Nuff I’ve Done Flunked Motherhood!

The Enemy’s Lies

You ever notice how that cotton pickin’, good for nothing enemy likes to take a strike at you, and whip up on your insecurities when your life is overwhelmed, filled with chaos from the busyness, and your priorities are out of line?

My friend, some of Satan’s greatest weapons are psychological. He wants to bombard your thoughts with his pesky, poisonous darts so that you feel like you can’t take it anymore, like you have surely messed up, will never get it right, and that you have become a genuine, fortified momma loser! The Devil is a liar!

If we are not careful, we can become so exhausted, and full of stress that we undoubtedly begin to flirt with depression, give in to attacks, feast on and believe in the enemies lies. Pretty soon we find ourselves entertaining them as truth.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. ~1 Peter 5:7-8

The Real Moment of Truth

Your failures, weaknesses, and the sin of being overcommitted and overwhelmed is not who YOU are! I have come to fully recognize that God is glorified when I admit my failures, and when I turn to Him for help.

There are times that I have to go to Him and say, Father God, I need you to help me with this pride and arrogance in my heart, this desire to be a people pleaser, and my sin of misplaced priorities. I need your grace, wisdom and divine strength. Lord, soften my rough edges and help me to set my eyes on you. Order my steps and my thoughts today.


So what do you do as a mom when you feel like you are tee-totally losing it?

The toilets have all overflowed, the fungus from the spilt baby milk and Cheerios has grown into the carpet pattern, the white underwear have all turned pink from being washed with your favorite red blouse, the only vegetable you have served your kids the entire week is the all American potato which has been served in the form of a high fat French-fry, and you feel like surely if you were graded by your college professor you would receive a whopping F minus for your momma skills.

M- MANAGE YOUR THOUGHTS - That’s right take control of your thoughts! Think on things that are true, pure, holy, right, praiseworthy…. You are a great mom! You are learning and growing. With Christ on your side there is absolutely, positively, nothing that you are not capable of doing.

O-Obedience to God through prayer and by taking time to slow down, get alone with our Father and refresh your spirit through praying and the reading of God’s word.

M- My God Sees Me – Remember your God is a God who sees and hears. You can be assured that He hears the words we utter. Honeychild, they may be uttered out of despair, out of a need, a pressing momma crisis, or they may be uttered out of praise and thanksgiving. He sees and hears our deepest moaning and groanings. When you find your mind being wracked with doubts and worries, take heart that our God knows what you are concerned about.

Girlfriends we can be confident in this one thing, God is keeping watch over us. He understands what we are going through. He is always in control.



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