The Art of Marriage is an engaging, catalytic event that is one of our favorite tools for changing lives, marriages and legacies. Don't believe us? Here's a sampling of what we've heard from the 1,600+ people who have attended the 19 events we've facilitated:

I've learned more in two days  at The Art of Marriage than in ten years of marriage. - husband

The Art of Marriage helped us to clean out the clutter we've been sweeping under the rug in our marriage. ~wife

It helped us refocus on God at a  key time in our marriage as we transition to a new phase of life. ~husband

Being a newly married, young couple, we have taken a lot away from this. I am so thankful we had the opportunity to experience The Art of Marriage so early in our marriage! ~wife

It has given me a new found hope in my marriage. ~husband

Reminded us why we fell in love, the commitment we made, and the importance of honoring it. ~wife

It is a time to renew our marriage. Being married almost 43 years, our marriage has become just routine. We needed this booster shot! ~wife

I realize our issues are quite typical. It is comforting to know that other couples commonly share our same struggles. This helps me to know that something is not wrong with us and that we can overcome our problems. It is encouraging to hear from couples who have gone through serious issues and come out the other side better for the hardship. ~wife

Some of our issues have been discussed in a way that will make it easier to talk about in the future. We received some tools for addressing our problems and redirecting our focus towards God.~wife

“I have served as a senior pastor for more than thirty years.  I have hosted many marriage conferences.  I have invited guest speakers and offered DVD-driven conferences.  Art of Marriage was head and shoulders above any conference we have ever hosted!  We laughed.  We cried.  We learned what it means to be a biblical husband/wife.  I was amazed at the creativity and quality of the presentations!  Over 300 attended and 17 accepted Christ!  Oh yeah, we're doing it again next year!  Pastors, if you’ve been looking for a marriage conference speaker or material, your search is over!  One more thing, it was not only the highest quality conference we've ever had, it was the lowest cost”. - Ferrell Hardison, Senior Pastor, The Bridge


“My wife and I had a great time.  We didn't have to worry about anything.  All we had to do was sit down and enjoy the weekend.  The mood was set with the way the venue was set up.  There were a lot of great materials that we were able to take away and use.  The book has a lot of great tips.  I've been able to share some things from the book with other couples that weren't there.  Great job guys!” – Joey Lancaster, Facility Director, The Bridge


“Awesome, awesome, awesome. Opened up conversations that had been locked down and just too much effort in the daily grind.  It was so much easier than I thought it would be.  We have connected again.”  - wife


“I love how much one on one time we had.  Even with 300+ people present, we had some intimate alone time.  I really thought we would be lost in a sea of people, but we haven’t been. This has been an amazing event.  I’m attending with my fiancé, but the marriage conferences are now huge on my radar as a relationship physical- a once a year must- and this format makes it affordable for us!”  - Fiancée.


“I had the mentality this would be a boring list of “do’s and don’t’s” which would make people not want to have a godly marriage- instead it was encouraging to hear from respected adults- they have struggles, too.  Such a blessing!  I am so excited to use these new found tools for me and my boyfriend when we get married!”  - Young woman


“Overall it was wonderful.  Every marriage needs a chance to recharge and redirect.  Awesome.  We look forward to attending the next one.  I would like to have one every six months!”  - Wife


“I have a lot of work to do to improve my relationship with GOD and my wife.  I want to start today- this very moment- to make adjustments.  I pray to God for His power to be a good husband from this day forward.”  - Husband


“My husband was not designed to fulfill all my needs- it’s God’s job.  This is life changing- it takes so much pressure off of him.”  -Wife


“I love the format of this conference. I thought that we were just going to hear some people talking to us.  The video was very engaging as well as informative; I enjoyed the variety of clips.” –wife


“My eyes have been opened up to a world of opportunities and happiness in my marriage and life.” –wife


“I learned that competition between sexes is natural. I have never heard or read that. I just thought I was incredibly rebellious. I’ve been working on this for years and will continue to but what a relief to find out it is normal.” –wife


“No matter how long you have been married there is always areas we need to work on.” –husband


“We learned how to forgive.” -wife


“I learned to cherish my wife and to work harder and to be more persistent in pursuing her and letting her know everyday how much she is loved; not just audibly, but physically, too.”  -husband


“When we said the pledge, we cried and it felt like we were saying our vows again.”  -wife


“The Art of Marriage saved our marriage.”  -wife