Haven't been yet? Curious to hear what other couples are sharing about their experiences?

Weekend to Remember, Myrtle Beach 2013: 

This is a couple who came to the weekend divorced:

Husband: I was broken/Lost/Angry/Vengeful. This weekend has given me hope for my future as a husband and father. I believe now I have the foundation to build a better God centered marriage…and to be the leader my family needs. This weekend has saved my life, and the life of my family. Thank you so much for such a wonderful Godly event.

Wife: We are divorced and want to salvage and fix our marriage so that we may remarry each other. This has given us the tools to rebuild this with God’s help and to get our marriage right this time. Even though we were married 10 years prior to the divorce 8 months ago, we learned so much we never knew about each other. It has renewed our commitment to make our marriage right & to allow God to direct us.

We have been tolerating each other for years. This weekend has shown me how wrong it was. I have a long way to go but now know there is hope. -Husband, Married 32 years

My spouse did not attend. I was very touched. I shed a lot of tears. I feel I am armed with “Godly” tools for reconciling my marriage. I felt the Holy Spirit enter my heart and consume it. -Husband, Married 9 years

Weekend to Remember, Houston, 2013: 

This world has its own definition of love and marriage that is so prevalent that it has become the norm. However, God has a different perspective that the Bible defines, and this weekend has encouraged me to fight for God’s definition of love and marriage in my own life. -Engaged

My husband and I were supposed to be divorcing in the next two weeks, but that is now been thrown deep in the pits of Hell. We will be committed to each other for life. -Married 2 years, Wife

It has impacted my marriage when I thought all was lost and we couldn’t possibly move on. We were struggling, and the WTR was the lifeline that reached out and gave us the tools to repair and improve on our marriage. - Married 3 years

It’s been a very positive and affirming experience. The love letters were meaningful, and our conversation about sex was the most we’ve talked about the topic since we married seven years ago! (Maybe more than all the conversations in seven years combined.) -Married 7 years, Husband

Learned we had the same goal in project 1. Learned my husband thinks I’m beautiful, and received compliments I usually never hear from him in project 2 (love letter). Committed to God to work on encouraging and respecting my husband and not criticizing him. -Married 18 years, Wife

It wasn’t until he came home (from deployment that) we faced our problems, weaknesses, and self-centeredness. Two weeks before we came to this FamilyLife conference, his bags were packed, and he was ready to leave. But now we are ready to fight for what we know is right! We now know that God’s plan is much more than anything we can ever imagine! He made a plan for us, and we are now ready to embrace His plan and become ONE! -Married 10 years, Military Wife

Weekend To Remember, Chicago:  I was done on Friday. We are one on Sunday.

Weekend To Remember, Charleston: It has helped us seal our marriage as a marriage that has Christ in the center. It has made me feel like I can take the bandage off the wounds left by a marriage centered on selfishness and sin.

Weekend To Remember, Fort Meyers: We were going to get divorced until a friend set it up for us to come to this weekend. It has saved our marriage and ignited the love for one another we had tried everything until this weekend and we decided we should get divorced. Thank you so much for saving our marriage. God is truly using this ministry and you have given us the tools to use for an awesome God-led marriage.

Weekend To Remember, Parsippany: Combined husband and wife: (both received Christ this weekend and both received "top comment" status from local ministry team before we realized they were husband and wife): Wife - "It has changed our lives. We were broken and the journey we embarked on was an enlightened one, full of hope and promise. Thank you to the amazing speakers." Husband - "This weekend has provided my wife and me with a road map to repair and revive our marriage. It has also given us a better understanding of the importance of God in every aspect of our lives. THANK YOU!!"

Weekend To Remember, Indianapolis:  We went from heading to a lawyer office for a divorce after the conference to I can't image life w/out Him.  Divorce is no longer an option.

Weekend To Remember, Jacksonville:  We were in agreement that this weekend was a "last ditch effort" in trying to salvage a marriage that neither of us were putting any effort into anymore.  This weekend has renewed our affection for each other and our desire to fix our relationship.

Weekend To Remember, Las Vegas:  We realized how selfish we have both acted toward each other – living in a 50/50 relationship and therefore never experiencing God’s best for our marriage.  We are now committed to putting God first, and loving and serving each other.

Weekend To Remember, Orlando:  My Husband and I have been in the middle of dealing with an affair for the past 9 months.  It opened our eyes and our hearts to how blinded we have been for years on how our relationship slowly faded to what it is today.  This conference taught us to communicate.  We've had tough conversations all weekend that have lead to forgiveness and joy.

Weekend To Remember,Tucson:  I was shown how my actions and behavior was pushing my wife away. My failures to live up to God’s design for my life was causing issues. Before this event we were about to get divorced. The communication we got at this event saved our marriage.

Weekend To Remember, Austin:  We first came to Weekend to Remember in November of 2009 – we had been married 15 years.  It was our last chance before divorce.  We are grateful to God for your ministry because through you we learned how to be a married couple and family living under God’s Kingdom.  Thanks to all of you so much!  I personally never knew what happiness was until I came here and gave myself to Christ our Lord.  Christians aren’t perfect – they are forgiven!

Weekend To Remember, Ft. Lauderdale:  A friend gave us this weekend as a gift.  My mind was set on divorce, just a matter of time.  I came to give it one last try.  This weekend made me see why I fell in love with my husband in the first place-  Why he was God's gift to me. I was very far from God, not happy at all.  This conference helped me to re-focus on what's important in life.  We recommitted our marriage to God!!  Divorce is not an option anymore!

Weekend To Remember, Phoenix:  This weekend allowed my husband and I to discuss things we've never talked about, nor had the courage to address.  I found the man I fell in love with this weekend after I thought there was no direction or path but that of divorce.

Weekend To Remember, Corpus Christi:  We came in a state of distress.  My husband is military and since we have been married, we have lived together about 6 months total of the two years since our wedding.  I found out this past Christmas that my husband had been unfaithful.  This weekend gave us hope for a brighter future, no matter how painful it might be to get there.  It helped me see that God's plan is not 50/50 but unconditional love that will make us successful.

Weekend To Remember, Niagara Falls:  This getaway has given me hope and strength to stay in my marriage.  My husband and I had divorce papers pending.  I now know after this wonderful weekend that I am committed to save my marriage and withdraw my divorce paperwork.  We will seek out God as a family.

Weekend To Remember, Boise:  My husband had an affair during our marriage.  A week before the Weekend To Remember me and our 1 yr. old had just moved back home after being separated.  On date night on Saturday my husband got on a knew with a second wedding band asking for our marriage to be renewed.  We will be having a second ceremony.

Weekend To Remember, Atlanta:  It was nice to reconnect.  God reminded me of the night I prayed for Him to send me a wife, one sent by Him.  I sit here looking at her and realize He sent me the woman of my dreams.

Weekend To Remember, Pasadena:  This is our second WTR event.  I came in thinking it would be repetitive and/or boring, but it was not.  In fact, it rejuvenated and refreshed our marriage and our commitment to one another and to God's plan for our lives.

Weekend To Remember, Dallas:  Amazing!  Breakthrough!  I was at a point of "being done" but now have hope & vision for our marriage.  God showed me myself & took my eyes off my husband’s weaknesses.  Ouch!  But thank you Jesus.  There will be a Godly legacy & hope for our future and future generations to come.  Thank you FamilyLife.

Weekend To Remember, Charlotte:  I was separated from my wife and on the way to divorce.  This weekend made me realize I still love my wife and want to stay married and grow old together.

Weekend To Remember, Anchorage:  It has really open our eyes on what could happen and what to expect.  It was a blessing 'cause on this weekend my fiancé accepted Christ.

Weekend To Remember, Cleveland:  Wow!  This had a significant impact on our marriage.  We have been married over 30 years.  We didn't expect how relevant the information you gave could be to us.  We are excited to share this with others.  We had a lot to learn.  Thank you!

Weekend To Remember, Bloomington:  We were so deep into isolation when we walked in the door Friday night.  Through all the exercises, talks, date night and many tears, we know that we are on the path to oneness!

Weekend To Remember, Kansas City:  After a child's death and another very major obstacle, the past four years have been a downward spiral. We haven't been friends for a long time.  Now, we have hope and a plan to rebuild our life, and to leave the clouds of darkness that have enveloped us for four years.

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