Close Your Eyes


I just can't go through with this! Can you get me out of here?

Panic filled my entire body, my hands started to feel clammy, I tried to compose myself, but the tears began to creep out. Coffin shaped devices just happen to be a part of one of my greatest fears, CLAUSTROPHOBIA. My friend Amie, an MRI technician, was lying me flat on my back preparing me for the procedure and I was falling apart emotionally.

After talking with me for a few minutes, Amie said something to me that changed EVERYTHING. "Beverly, I want you to keep your eyes closed the entire time. When the test is over, I will let you know when to open them. Now Bev, you will feel the table shake around you and you will hear strange noises, but remember keep your eyes closed and everything will be okay."

Do you know her advice actually worked! I made it through that twenty minute test listening to gospel music she piped in through my head phones. The panic subsided, I had overcome my fear and everything was okay.

May I be candid? There was a time in my past when I faced an even greater paralyzing fear emotionally. I began to panic as I was being attacked spiritually in my marriage and my world was shaking around me. All I could hear was those strange noises- words of discouragement and gossip. It was at those times that a dear Christian friend, who ironically happens to be Amie's mom, gave me similar advice. "Beverly keep your eyes closed in prayer, drown out the noise by seeking God and His word and EVERYTHING will be okay." Well, I made it through that storm MUCH longer than a twenty minutes, and just as she promised, everything was more than okay.

What fears are you facing today? No matter how dreadful the situation you can overcome! "For I AM the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear. I will help you." Isaiah 41:13