What Do You CRAVE?

Macy eating a donut

What do you crave? They were hot, deep fried homemade doughnuts and I just could not get enough of them. I would lift one to my mouth and just at the touch of my wet tongue they would start to dissolve! My mom has a special recipe for homemade doughnuts that just tears up my central nervous system and works the two largest muscles in my body, my tongue and my GUT! She can take a can of biscuits roll them out, place a little hole in the middle, then deep fry them in that hot grease. They come out crispy and I’m like a kid at Christmas as I watch them just laying there cooling, waiting for the next step. For fun we fill up bags of  X Ten  Powdered Sugar and my little girl, Macy, and I dance while shaking the little round delicacies up and down in a storage bag. At that moment I could not care less that the average doughnut has over 200 calories and I could not care even less that I have been screaming at the scales for months now!  I just can’t get enough. I feel no conviction as I am eating those hot, delicious, mouthwatering doughnuts with a glass of cold milk….. well glory, I better stop!

You know that is where I want to be with my relationship with Jesus. As long as I have breath, I want a life that hungers for God! Friends, I don’t want to simply desire Him, but I want to crave HIM and His Word.  I have spent too much of my life pursuing things of the world; I do not want to settle for the “junk” offered by Satan that is displeasing and unsatisfying for your spiritual appetite!  I want to know God more, I want to love Him more, I want to seek Him, pray and read His Word. I crave for HIS presence in my life.

“As a deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God.” Psalm 42:1