It Was A Restored 1934 Ford

Vintage Ford


There goes my freshly styled hair! It was a restored 1934 burgandy Ford, shiny chrome wheels, and absolutely NO air conditioning. The windows were down and my hair was parted liked the Red Sea just a flopping and flying in the wind. Now let’s get one thing straight, I love me some hairspray and once I spray that Vita E there’s no washing that head for at least three to four days. So on this particular occasion I can tell you I wasn’t exactly excited to be riding in the vintage car, but I could see that Rick was thrilled so I agreed to go just to make him happy. Old cars do nothing for me that is UNLESS they are dropping me off at a TJ Maxx, jewelry store or any other shopping venture!

Several of our neighbors belong to a car club and they spend lots of hours and who knows how much money restoring the vehicles to their original state. Once in a while they like to go for a ride to parade their prize possessions and show off their handy work. Well, Rick hollered, “Let’s put her in the wind” and about the time I sighed, a big bellied beady eyed flying thing decided to take charge into my mouth. YUCK! Upon reaching our stop we all got out an admired all the cars as the proud owners boasted of their restoration projects.

You know there was a time in our marriage when we had reached a level of laziness, disrespect, boredom, and became so caught up in outside priorities that soon our marriage began to deteriorate, become rusty and lifeless just like those pre-restored vintage cars . Simply put, we failed to value and make our marriage our first commitment and it started to decay. In all honesty, I gave up trying and as the result of a spiritual attack I was determined to move on.  My husband however, was determined to pray for God to touch my heart and turn my passion back to our marriage.  He prayed daily for God to restore our marriage. Often at times when it looked like he was being defeated  he stood on the word of God, continued seeking God’s wisdom and put in countless hours and tears praying for the restoration of our marriage.   Through the healing power of God we began to reunite, and rebuild our covenant in marriage. Little by little trust, respect, honor, our values and commitment to Christ were being restored.

Can I be candid? I have never liked the word restoration when referring to marriage. To me that represents putting something back together like it was. I like to say God REDEEMED our marriage. He has made it BETTER than it ever was before. I can honestly say that my love for my husband is at a deeper intimate level than the day of our wedding in September 1995. The sparkle is back, God is the new owner, and I love showing off MY prized possession.  Hey Rick, get out the old Ford and let’s go parking!!!! Bev:)

 II Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a NEW Creation; the old has gone, the new has come!!!!!!