The summer vacation where I claimed my first title

summer vacation title

“Are we there yet?”

After eleven hours in the SUV, with two sugar wired kids, an incredibly patient husband , two loving god parents, some unexpected u-turns and three flavors of rice cakes, we finally reached our summer vacation destination. There were a lot of giggles, a couple of screams, and just being candid, with two grown men and a teen-aged boy there were even a few awkward smells!

From Disney to miniature golf, dinner shows, paddle boats, water rides and of course some shopping and a whole lot of eating, the week was “slam packed”. I even tried my hand at tennis, equipped with the tennis skirt, pony tail, white socks, sneakers and all! In all honesty, the outfit did nothing to help the game. I was awful! As a matter of fact, I was horrible. My friend Phyllis was so disgusted with my serving and swinging that I think she was relieved when I hit the ball over the fence and it went rolling down the miniature golf course, ricocheted off a light pole and landed into the deep blue water.

I  did find my niche at one activity though, and there was no stopping me. I entered a contest being held at the resort pool; I was persistent and determined to win the title of “Hoola Hoop Champion 2012.” I boastfully placed the colorful ring around my waist and I began to move in ways I never even knew I could move! I heard a few things pop, I think I pulled a muscle I can’t even pronounce, but I proudly walked away with the title and my grand prize package, a  thirty-two ounce water bottle with a straw! What? All that pain and no crown? For a couple of hours, I had my moment of glory as I paraded around the pool. I could hear the whispers as I walked by…."There goes the hoola hoop lady.” They didn’t even remember my name, even after I shouted it clearly in the microphone!

You know of all the titles ever won there is one who holds the grandest of them all. King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and it is held by Jesus. There is a line in a song I used to sing with our praise team at church, "He’s the all time, undisputed, undefeated champion of Love.”

With his title came a crown of thorns which was one of the most disgraceful things he suffered for us.  Ironically, he was given the title, and you and I received the prize, eternal life and riches untold. Perhaps the greatest thing is unlike me, his title and name have heavy significance. JESUS, it is a name that you will never want to forget. I have found myself in situations before when I just did not have the words to say and I was too depressed to muster the strength to pray. Just by speaking his name, marriages can be redeemed, prodigal spouses can return home, healing can take place, finances can be restored, forgiveness can be granted and Satan and his demons have to flee! Sometimes, I find myself crying out the name of Jesus, but oh how I love to  sing and to say the name of Jesus!


"Crown Him with many crowns,the Lord upon his throne

Hark How the heavenly anthem drowns all music but its own,

Awake my soul and sing of him who died for thee, and hail him as they matchless king through all eternity."