I Thought I "Knew" Dan Quayle

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P-O-T-A-T-O!  Twenty minutes with Vice President Dan Quayle on his campaign bus and I can tell you at the time it did not matter to ME whether he could spell or not! It was October of 1992, I was twenty-three VERY ambitious, working for a TV and radio station in Selma and had hair that “boofed” the length of a basketball court! Oh and if you think I have an attitude now.....

For several weeks I had called the White House almost daily to plead ,well I BEGGED, for an interview when I found out the then Vice President would pass through Johnston County on the campaign trail. Every time I was informed by David Beckwith, his press secretary, that it was impossible. You know me, "Mrs. Persistent", I didn’t stop and weeks later I found myself jumping on his bus in Kenly at a small eatery.

I think I asked Dan Quayle every question imaginable. I even had the secret service laughing and nodding their heads. I was just infatuated and was acting like I was going to be the next Barbara Walter, but only this time she would be from Buck Swamp Road in Goldsboro, North Carolina! I even asked what was his favorite sports team and if he liked Sandi Patti and gospel music. In the past I had admired him from afar BUT this time I got close to him, sat beside him, and was allowed to inquire on any topic. That brief encounter even made the front page headlines of our local paper.Uncanny thing is that in  all honesty, I never really KNEW him.

Tragically, that is how many people are with their relationship with Christ. They simply choose to admire him from afar. They might even get close to him, but because of the busyness of their lives and other THINGS they never really get to know him. Almost 19 months ago, I went through something so tragic and I can tell you I needed something more than religion. I needed a deep down personal relationship with GOD if I was ever going to survive the spiritual attack on my marriage and family. I had to get in the word, pray and diligently seek God. What is it you are going through today? A broken marriage, do you need healing, restoration of a job or finances, help with a prodigal child? Are you simply admiring God from afar? Wouldn’t you like to KNOW HIM?

And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent. John 17:3