FRIDAY FIVE: Ways to Get Away!

Yeah, I'm a car guy, so I'm going to go there. When you buy a car, would you drive it without EVER changing the fluids or filters until the engine blows, then just go buy a new car? NO! That would be CRAZY! You maintain your car to keep it in good running order so that your investment lasts. If we're so willing to invest in maintaining something as simple as our cars, shouldn't we be willing to maintain our marriage? Saying "I do" and making that covenant on your wedding day is just the start of a lifetime of intentionally choosing to love God and your spouse.

So here are FIVE WAYS TO GET AWAY with your spouse to put fuel in your tanks!

#5 The Stay-cation: Yep, stay home. Send the kids to a relative's house for the weekend and enjoy each other. Maybe even tackle that project together that you've talked about completing- like making your bedroom a peaceful place instead of an all purpose 'laundry folding- exercise-kids stuff in piles-television watching-homework' area. A little paint, new bedding, and time spent together on a project goes a long way!

#4 Vision Casting Weekend: Without vision, the people perish. Our marriages aren't any different. Do you have a vision for your marriage and family? Does your spouse know it? Have you shared it with the kids? Book a hotel room and get away with your spouse to pray, fast, and cast vision for your family for the next six to twelve months. There's a great book to walk you through the process called Getting Away to Get it Together, you can order it here.

#3 FamilyLife Weekend to Remember: This is one of our favorites- since our remarriage, we've invested in one Weekend to Remember a year to keep us both moving in the same direction. For the first twelve years of our marriage, we drifted toward isolation, so after getting God's truth, hope and vision for our marriage at the WTR in Philadelphia in 2005, we vowed to stay that course. We've learned something every time we've taken the time away, and been to some pretty swanky places- Philly, PA; Charleston, Hilton Head, and Myrtle Beach, SC; and Raleigh, NC so far. I'd love to take Sherry to the WTR in Hawaii...still praying about that and saving our pennies! Find a Weekend to Remember near you, and remember to use our group code JOSHUA2415 for an $80 discount!

#2 The Art of Marriage: This is a powerful six session event that will have you and your spouse together for eleven plus hours laughing, crying and talking about things you didn't even know you needed to talk about. It will put fuel in your tanks and change the filters through which you see God, your spouse, your marriage, your roles, your intimacy, your family  and your legacy. It's a great "getaway", whether you find an event in town or choose to make it a weekend away. Find an Art of Marriage event near you or learn how to host an event of your own!

#1 Love Like You Mean It Cruise: Sun, sea, ocean breeze, lots of stuff you can do but you don't have to do any of it. With sightseeing opportunities in Key West and Cozumel, plus on board entertainment with Steven Curtis Chapman, Kari Jobe and Sarah Groves, teaching with Voddie Baucham, Dennis & Barbara Rainey, Priscilla Shirer, Anthony Evans, Bob Lepine and Ron Deal, there is something for everyone. We love the dancing lessons with the Palmers and the amazing guests we always meet on board! We love spending five days and four nights on the "love boat" enjoying each other, learning about each other, praying together and having fun. Come with us- we've got a code you can use for a discount!!

What's your favorite way to get away? Share it with us below!