Starting over...

starting over

In my not so distant past, I was a runner. From 2003-2010, I enjoyed the routine of rolling out of bed really early, pulling on the running clothes and shoes, and experiencing the freedom, peace and quiet that only 4:30AM affords you on busy days. What started out as an awesome prayer time and physical discipline and delight grew into challenges such as sprint triathlons and half marathons. What a delight the training, companionship and races were! But then we moved, not far, but far enough that my running routine was disrupted. In an unfamiliar neighborhood without my devoted running and accountability partner, I found myself choosing bed over running shoes more mornings than not. Before long, my beloved running shoes were shoved to the back of the closet, and I was deep in a season of longing to run, but not enough to actually run.

So I did what any sane person would do- I registered for a half marathon. Then I set the alarm for the following morning. The alarm sounded way too early, I dragged myself out of bed, sleepily dressed and stepped outside into the warm, humid darkness of 5AM in the summer. As I started running, my first thought, honestly, was starting over stinks, followed by the wave of self condemnation- I’m such loser for quitting running, starting over is painful, I’m so slow, I can hardly run a mile without walking...

Then I looked up at the bright stars in the predawn sky, and the world around me suddenly seemed majestic as I realized that starting over is AWESOME! God, the Creator of the universe is all about fresh starts and new beginnings! He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to live and die for us so we could START OVER! All of a sudden, the thought of rebuilding a new endurance to run 13.1 miles was exciting and a daily journey with God! I sought out a training plan, have been following it and am flourishing despite humid or rainy mornings that tempt me to stay in bed.

Every day is an opportunity to start overour own story is a story of starting over, and it didn’t start with our second wedding date. Our starting over began when I realized how far away I was from being the wife God created me to be. On that day in June 2004, I started over, seeking God’s blueprint for being a wife. And every day, I had to choose to stay in that training plan despite circumstances and situations that tempted me, so I could build up my endurance and strength muscles of faith.

It was a majestic day in September 2005 when Scott decided to start over and join me in this new training program for our marriage! Since then, we continue to seek God’s Word for our lives individually, for our marriage and our family, utilizing a variety of tools from our marriage toolbox. We recognize that circumstances and situations are going to come against us in our lives and marriage, but we’re going to keep our eyes on our personal trainer- God, and stick to His training plan- His Word.

Training for the upcoming half marathon in November hasn’t been easy, some days are much tougher than others, but God honors my daily submission to Him in my training.

Do not call to mind the former things, Or ponder things of the past. 
Behold, I will do something new, now it will spring forth. -Isaiah 43:18-19

What is something you are starting over? Tell us so we can pray for you. Join the conversation.

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