Lean On Me




Over the past several months of mentoring, you have made a HUGE impact on my marriage.  You will never know how much it has meant to have you to encourage me daily, pray over my marriage, be there during trials and tribulations and lift me up when I was down.  I am so glad you were honest with me back in October when you told me that you were not going to “sugar coat” anything, that the next several months and even the next year would be painfully hard as I took a stand for my marriage.  You were so right.  But I took this stand for my marriage and with God on my side and (and at times even with the devil on my shoulder), I am happy to say that my marriage has been REDEEMED and reconciliation has occurred. 

Once I met with you, Beverly, I was so comforted knowing that I was not alone in this world of hurt. I surrounded myself with positive people in my life that encouraged me rather than discouraged me. You mentioned that some of my dearest friends and even family would attack my marriage....BINGO; they discouraged me, attacked me and even ridiculed me at times. It hurt so bad for them to tell me I needed to get over it and move on. Thanks for everything you have and will continue to do for my life.  Your encouragement, kindness, and constant prayers for me, my family and my marriage have blessed my life forever.                                           



You ever notice some people don’t necessarily need you to solve their problems they just need a godly friend who will listen? As a mentor I will commit to Pray, Listen, Ask Questions, Consider Biblical Truths and Encourage you.   P-L-A-C-E.

#1 Lie from Satan, “You are not qualified!”  Don’t let Satan convince you that you can’t do it.

“God doesn’t always call the qualified, but he will qualify the called.”  Mark Batterson

How did I learn to become a mentor? FamilyLife has created eMentoring, a great online resource and training to equip and empower you to come alongside others as they navigate life. We have used this to train and equip the people around us through Mentor Training, so that everyone can find their PLACE as mentors to the hurting world around us!

I have Jesus walking right alongside of me and he has all the qualifications in the world! He can redeem marriages, heal the brokenness, bring about forgiveness,restore finances, and if he can raise Lazarus from the  DEAD just think of what he can do for a dead marriage!

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