Armed & Dangerous


"Whoever is there, I’ve got a GUN and it’s LOADED!! I mean it, don’t make me pull the trigger!"

I could feel my arm shaking nervously as I held the naked Barbie I had grabbed quickly off the floor in one hand, and my son Tyler’s baseball bat in the other. Earlier, I was awakened by a noise, so I  proceeded down the hall to the stairs. Why is it when my husband is away on a trip, I ALWAYS manage to hear every pop and crackle? It certainly didn’t help matters any that my son and I had stayed up late watching Star Wars until only hours before. Some of those characters are just plain ugly!!

Certainly you would think I would feel very safe with a state of the art alarm system, fire alarm, outdoor motion detectors and cameras. Once, I even stayed on the phone line with a 911 operator until I could investigate a suspicious ghostly  screaming sound, only to find that it was the AC unit on the outside. Talk about embarrassment!

Those poor operators by now they recognize my number, so when I call they probably shout out,"It’s HER AGAIN, that Mr. Weeks must be away on another hospital trip!" BUT there is just something about hearing a noise, waking up and realizing that, although my husband is snoring and drooling with his mouth wide open, his STRONG arms are wrapped tightly around me. In all honesty, at that point the noise no longer seems to phase me. It’s like I have my very own Batman, Spiderman, and Avenger lying next to me.

Men, do you know that God has called you to PROTECT your spouse? Your wife needs to feel safe, secure and protected...and that is up to you! Not only are you called to protect her from intruders or burglars, but what are you doing to protect her from other THINGS that may try to attack or rob her?  What is intruding into your marriage or robbing her of her time? The PTA, chores, work schedules, kids, even church activities?

Can I be candid? Once I was so SUCCESS and goal oriented, all the while my marriage was on the verge of FAILURE. What is robbing your spouse of her joy? Is it a battle with low self-esteem? Just walk through the check out line of any supermarket and look at the photos on every magazine cover.  Women are compared to such unrealistic FAKE standards. EVERYTHING  is airbrushed and cropped. Even on Facebook, God forbid you have one ounce of fat showing on any of your photos!!

Husbands  don’t assume she knows it, ASSURE  her on a regular basis that she is beautiful, and that you love her so insecurities don’t start to creep in. You don’t want some other man at the gym, a child’s coach or a male friend or acquaintance telling her the words she so longs to hear from you.  She need to be protected from negative comments, how about from NEGATIVE FRIENDS?? OUCH!   Could it be that  it’s time to intentionally seek time alone together to pray, reassure her, and encourage her? Perhaps offer her guidance? Or maybe  she doesn’t need your advice… she just desires for you to listen. I have been known to make some poor choices and I am so glad at those time God was right there battling it out fighting and protecting me from one of the UGLIEST characters of all, Satan!! A husband’s role is to be compared to Christ's love.

Husbands should love their wives as their own bodies.  Husbands, love your wife just as Christ loved the Church & gave his life for it. Ephesians 5:25           

In what ways do you need your husband's protection? Husbands, how are you protecting your wives? Join the conversation!

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