The Truth Has Set Me Free



"I've been shot!!! Rick help me!" I screamed as loud as I could above the shrill of our blaring alarm system. It was so dark and I could barely see my hand in front of me.

Panicking, I began grasping for breath and started crying while clutching my chest. I began to feel around in search of the wound. Only hours before, I had retreated to the sofa with an uncontrollable "crooping" cough. Now in the deep of the night I was awakened by sounds of shattering glass, a boom sound, and I assumed I had been shot.

In all honesty, I was terrified. Those few minutes seemed like hours. I lost control of my thoughts and  I even began thinking about death and having to leave my family. I could hear Rick rushing down the hardwood stairs and quickly he came over to turn on the lights. At that moment,  I COULD SEE!! I had not been shot. There were no intruders. As I looked around, I noticed that in fact a large painting and ornate frame had fallen and came crashing down behind me setting off the burglar alarm. Groggy and worn out from the cough, fear had taken control and I had ASSUMED the worse.

Do you know there have been times that I was guilty of ASSUMING things in my marriage. We all have!!! This kind of fiction can only lead to resentment,heated arguments,and disappointments. "Hmmm... why does he or she keep working late, or he's not talking much, he keeps hanging with his buddies, he's snapping, is she looking at or interested in another man....."  Pretty soon because of our insecurities & fears we start ASSUMING things!!! Just say NO to mind reading!  I am sharing from experience.  I used to could huff and puff up as big as a bull frog and I would march all one hundred plus pounds in the room and I would give that cold, silent treatment, or attack with my words...... my poor husband, he did not even see it coming!  Friend let me tell you there are pitfalls from not communicting.For so long my husband & I allowed Satan to keep us wrapped up in that sin. We failed to take time for each other and communicate.

Don't interpret your spouse's lack of communication as "He or she doesn't love me, or they have no interest in me." It could very well be that one reason for your spouse's lack of affection or communication is from a situation or conflict they have been battling with at work.  There are times in my marriage when I just have to make time to talk with my husband, share sensitive issues, look him in the eye  and  listen. Did I say listen? I just stepped all over my hot pink polka dot painted toes again and I just might need a pedicure!  Communication is the key to knowing!!  I refuse to let Satan attack and have control of my thoughts! Every time your mind starts to wander, take control in the name of JESUS! Don't assume fiction. Be in the know. Communicate with your spouse.  Hey, I have found the TRUTH can literally set you free!!

 My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. James 1:19