Q&A Time!

Marriage, or two becoming one flesh, is one of the toughest yet most fulfilling endeavors for human beings, yet so often we don't get the counsel and understanding we need before we embark on that life long journey. Nor do we seek the counsel we need in the midst of our marriages, choosing instead to tough it out, or sadly, just quit. We've all got questions, and we know we should go to God's Word for the answer. Sometimes we just need someone to point us in the right direction, encourage us to read specific scripture, recommend a book/video/podcast, or just encourage us.

So we've decided to hold an online Q&A. Ask us anything about marriage, our stories, communication, sex, roles, money, the meaning of life...and we'll pray, seek God and respond.

Got questions? Post them here. Or email them!


Men, send your questions to scott@intentionallyyours.org or rick@intentionallyyours.org


Women, send your questions to sherry@intentionallyyours.org or beverly@intentionallyyours.org


We don't promise to know the answers, but we know where to go to get them. We'll pray over your questions, then answer them next Wednesday. We'll keep your name and specific situation confidential. Or if you'd like a personal response, let us know. Rick & Beverly, Scott & I are praying for you, for the questions you've got, and for the answers God has!