FRIDAY FIVE: Gift Ideas for Him!

What do you give a man who has everything? Or who wants that special BMW that is not in the budget? Well, after twenty plus years with Scott, he's not the man who has everything, but we've gotten to the place where he's not wanting for much, which has gotten me thinking about creative gifts for those occasions when he expects to open something.

Did I mention I am NOT a shopper? That shopping is so low on my list of favorite things, it's right there between vacuuming and cleaning out the junk drawer? So here's my list of sure fire ideas that puts a smile on my husband's face on Christmas morning:

#1 The Man Can: Yep, candles for men- Fresh Grass, Sawdust, Cigar, Dirt, NY Style Pizza, Campfire and Bacon are just a few of the scents available. Started by a thirteen year old boy in November of 2010 with the thought “Why don’t people sell candles with scents that men like?”   He took this idea and ran with it which lead to an opportunity to feed homeless people. Yes, ladies, an opportunity to give your man the scent he craves AND to help the homeless.

#2 You Da Dad Calendar: An amazing gift that keeps giving every day to help your man become a legendary husband and father!

#3 A Book: Yep, a book. And our preference is Intimacy Ignited by Dillow and Pintus. What a great way to study the Song of Solomon and each other! It will fire up your sex life as you realize how explicit the Word of God is about sex- God created sex for our pleasure. There's something steamy and anticipation building when you speak Song of Solomon to each other throughout the day AND during your intimate time together. Intimacy Ignited will change your devotion time together!

#4 Little Red Bag of Fun: Okay, so this is really for both of you, but it tells him that HE makes your motor run. What is the little red bag of fun? Well, it's a little red bag filled with our favorite intimacy aids- lubricants, powders, spicy dice, toys, silk scarves, etc.- whatever is purely for the two of you to intimately enjoy each other sexually. When one of us mentions the red bag of fun, we know we're going to have some steamy fun! And when one of us mentions packing it for the weekend trip, the anticipation is sweet. SO, where can you buy the little red bag of fun? You can't. You've got to get creative and create your own- buy the bag and the stuff to go in it that makes you smile when you talk about it. Hesitant about what you may be unleashing? Check out Hot, Holy & Humorous, a blog written about how marriage can be hot, holy and humorous! WARNING: The Little Red Bag of Fun is for MARRIED couples only. Oh, and you may want to let him open that present after the kids are in bed....

hey, that's only four things...what would you suggest as #5?