Change on Damascus

In 2010 my husband said he loved me but wasn’t in love with me, wouldn’t end his adultery (despite my pleading) and put a $100 deposit on an apartment without me knowing. The scripture that man may make plans but God orders his steps, didn’t seem too believable. My husband had not only made plans and was pursuing them, he was bulldozing through them one after the other.

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In my humanness, I looked for signs in my one flesh mate. I looked for a change within him or his circumstances.  I did not know early in my stand as my husband threw his belongings into trash bags to head towards his new bachelor pad that a shift didn’t have to occur in the natural for God to get his attention and bring about transformation.  I didn’t realize that God could bring altercation to the route he was currently on and shift his direction at the same time.

In Acts 9, Saul of Tarsus is on the way to Damascus.  He was breathing murderous threats against Christians and was purposefully pursuing them. Damascus was a 150-mile journey but he was so set on bringing Christians back as prisoners, the trip didn’t seem like an inconvenience. It was a necessary venture to Saul in order to continue his campaign of persecution.

Isn’t this like your prodigal, dead set on slandering you, avoiding you, ignoring you, shirking their commitments, responsibilities and absolutely head strong in going forward with whatever prodigal-like behavior that is the complete opposite of what you are praying for, and 180 degrees from God’s Word?

One night I read my Bible through tears and looked for something to touch me. A Word that would soothe my aching heart.

Now as he went on his way, he approached Damascus, and suddenly a light from heaven shone around him. (Acts 9:3 ESV)

It was like the scripture was bold in heavenly light.  The words AS HE WENT ON HIS WAY seemed to have a pulse.  God was clearly speaking.

Saul was every bit of who Saul was at the time. His intentions, his thoughts about Christians, his belief about their treatment, it was the way it was. The journey he was about to take was intended. It was thought out, mapped out, planned.  This wasn’t an afterthought or an accidental road trip, it was very much what Saul needed to accomplish his mission and yet, despite his intentions and plans, God interrupted.  God saw behind the behavior Saul exhibited and brought a transformation to bring his plans to an end and to bring forth the person He knew Saul could be (Paul).

And immediately something like scales fell from his eyes, and he regained his sight. Then he rose and was baptized; and taking food, he was strengthened. (Acts 9:18-19 ESV)

God didn’t have to change circumstances to bring about His will; He brought the change to the circumstance.

Don’t you know God can do the same for your husband or wife? You may not view the road they’re traveling on as anything other than a wrong road but that's only because you’re looking for a road that looks different from the one they’re on but God doesn’t need to convert circumstances or surroundings in the natural to bring about what He’s doing in the spiritual.

The One who has the whole world in His hands, has your covenant spouse in the same hands.  He can apply pressure, bring dreams to slumber, remind forgotten memories, soften hearts, renew love, restore, and redeem. Our loving, miraculous Savior doesn’t have to turn your honey onto a right road to make things right. He can bring about change and transformation where anyone currently is and send them where He needs them to go.

Nothing is too hard for our God.  No one is too difficult to change.  God is in complete control.  Submit your will under His will and He will do what needs to be done, in the way it needs to be done, in His timing.  Rest in God’s promises and in His absolute truth, knowing God’s plans are for your good and His glory.

For which promises are you believing God in your circumstances?


Kris Washington is a Jesus girl, wife of one for 18 years (and counting!) and mom of four. She boldly shares that her restored marriage has nothing to do with who she is but everything to do with who God is.  She not only has a testimony about her marriage restoration but a ministry encouraging others in their stand and helping women heal after adultery. Together with her husband, they write a newsletter for men who have been in adultery and need healing and guidance as well. You can find and follow her at God Is a Restorer on Facebook.  

Consider Taking a Stand for your marriage and marriages around you, despite your circumstances, and praying about what God is calling you to do In the Meantime.

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