The Holy Spirit revealed something big for me today.

The most important thing in my life, whether or not I was actively pursuing it, has always been the salvation of my children.  I have prayed so many times that if God only answers one of my prayers, that He answer the prayer that my children be saved, be with Him for eternity, that they have Jesus' mark on them.  

I have always had a peace about it, knowing that was a prayer within God's will and His nature. And I think that because I was raised in an environment where I was controlled a lot (no disrespect to my parents - they were great parents), I have gone in the opposite direction of not controlling my kids.  So I was able to sit back, let God work in His time, be faithful (or at least try to) in my responsibilities as a parent to teaching my children about God.

This week my last child asked Jesus to come into her heart. My prayer has been answered.  With no prodding from me, they all four have said they want to be with Jesus for eternity.  I was able to be there with three of them when it happened.  What a blessing!  And slowly in their own ways I can see them wanting to learn more about God.

My revelation came with this.  That is not how I have been with my marriage.  I have wanted to know how could it heal, when are the changes going to happen, please sooner than later, please do it my way...  I have held on too tightly exerting too much control.  Very hard not to because of the pain involved.

It is time for me to treat my marriage like I have the salvation of my children.  To pray for it KNOWING that it is a prayer within God's will and His nature to fix my marriage.  To sit back, let God work in His time, be faithful in my responsibilities as a wife.  To continue to offer my life (my hurts, my dreams, my desires) as a sacrifice to the One who receives them as the precious gifts they are.  And to enjoy the blessings that I already have.

He has revealed this to me and now I pray for the wisdom, strength, and perseverance that only He can supply to finish the race.

Thank you for your encouragement!  You have no idea how greatly each one of you has allowed the Holy Spirit to work through you in my life.


A Grateful Wife

A beautiful woman, wife and mother shared this revelation with us, and it was too good to not share with you. She humbly agreed and asked that she remain anonymous, as she and her marriage are still a work in progress. It's her revelation from the Holy Spirit, but isn't is also a revelation for each of us?  

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