I Need A Check Up From The Neck Up!

Ugggh!!! It was just like one of those cereal or yogurt commercials. Frustrated, I began to lie flat on my bed just to get the ever so slightly shrinking blue jeans to zip to the top. If it worked for the model on the commercial, to be sure it could work for me! Without much avail, I began to kick my legs, scream at my protruding rumpus and whine like a two-year old toddler. “Lord can you help me out here?? Why can’t I have hips like Emily and legs like Phyllis, arms like Sherry,  and one of those desirable six-pack of abs like my friend Dion. Instead I get stuck with a twelve or a twenty four pack, a bag of bugles and a spare donut in front!!! Don’t you want me to fit my jeans while I am out doing your work Lord??"

Check Up



It didn’t help that I was frazzled, had stayed in a mad rush that week, and it sure wasn’t the first time I had overcommitted with my schedule, procrastinated doing the laundry and had a cranky attitude, all in the same day! Now here I was standing in the middle of the laundry on my way out the door to an engagement, I was down to just one pair of jeans, and by the looks of things they did not want to cooperate with my pulling and tugging. The more I wrestled with those jeans, it seemed the smaller they got. At one point I felt like I could hear the jeans giggling out loud and I am almost certain they let out a beeping noise, followed by a “caution, wide load" announcement!  Disgusted, I began to yellIt was obvious my attitude was in need of some major adjustments.

I recently heard a sermon in which Joyce Meyers asked the question, Is your problem really the problem or is it your attitude towards the problem that is the problem?” Ouch, talk about stepping all over my toes! You see, your attitude is your mindset. Attitudes are just like a jack-in-the-box. As  a kid, did you ever play with one of them? You turn that little handle and when you least expect it- POP goes the weasel! Now that is a vivid picture of your attitude. My friend it will pop out, good or bad. It will pop out when you are around your friends, your children, your co-workers and quite often when you are around your spouse.

I have found that there are days that if I will readjust my attitude or my negative outlook on things, it will change my life! There are days when I just have to get out of that mindset of being ungrateful, or the mindset of Lord you owe me, or having self pity, and I have to confess my wrong sinful attitude and pray for the mindset of Christ.

When I begin to speak positive, take charge of my thought life and refuse to surrender to the negatives, my entire outlook changes!

In  I Peter 3:14 we are reminded, "But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed."

You know what this is saying? No matter what happens to you, even if it is bad, you will get something out of this, that God is in control of the circumstance and that He will use it for your glory. Whether it is a broken relationship, messed up finances, sickness, a marriage under attack, a situation with a job or even your children, God has PROMISED that He has it all under control. We just need to have the mindset and attitude of Jesus Christ.

What IF God is using a certain situation to bring you closer to Him? So again, is your problem really your problem, or is it your ATTITUDE towards the problem that is really the problem? Be confident in knowing that God is working his plan. Change your outlook and you can change your life!


Hello 2013! In what areas will you change your outlook and change your life today?


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