FRIDAY FIVE: Must "Do's" in 2013

Friday Five Must Do's

It's a new year, full of promise and opportunities to do things differently! Last week, we talked about how to have a New Year, New Marriage, so this week, I thought I'd share five things I'm planning to do in 2013. I've put them on the calendar, because writing them on the calendar means they will happen in the Jennings' household. And we all know that a man without vision will perish, right? So catch the vision!

Friday Five Must Do's


can't wait date night web#5 Can't Wait Valentine Date: Somewhere along the way, we have been convinced that having a great marriage is serious business. We believe marriage should be serious fun, and that kind of fun CAN’T WAIT for VALENTINE’S DAY! If you are anywhere near the metropolis of Princeton, NC, you won't want to miss this night together- you'll have an amazing dinner, lots of laughs, and a time of remembering why you dated. Invite your friends, it will be a great group date, too. We're providing childcare, too, in case you need it. Register today, seats are going fast!

#4 Vision Casting Weekend: Without vision, the people perish. Our marriages aren’t any different. Do you have a vision for your marriage and family? Does your spouse know it? Have you shared it with the kids? Book a hotel room and get away with your spouse to pray, fast, and cast vision for your family for the next six to twelve months. There’s a great book to walk you through the process called Getting Away to Get it Together, you can order it here.

#3 FamilyLife Weekend to Remember: This investment of time saved our marriage. Since our remarriage, we’ve invested in one Weekend to Remember a year to keep us both moving in the same direction. For the first twelve years of our marriage, we drifted toward isolation, so after getting God’s truth, hope and vision for our marriage at the WTR in Philadelphia in 2005, we vowed to stay that course. We’ve learned something every time we’ve taken the time away, and been to some pretty swanky places- Philly, PA; Charleston, Hilton Head, and Myrtle Beach, SC; and Raleigh, NC so far. I’d love to take Sherry to the WTR in Hawaii…still praying about that and saving our pennies! Find a Weekend to Remember near you, and remember to use our group code JOSHUA2415 for a $120 discount!

#2 The Art of Marriage: This is a powerful six session event that will have you and your spouse together for eleven plus hours laughing, crying and talking about things you didn’t even know you needed to talk about. It will put fuel in your tanks and change the filters through which you see God, your spouse, your marriage, your roles, your intimacy, your family  and your legacy. It’s a great “getaway”, whether you find an event in town or choose to make it a weekend away. We'd love to have you join us for The Art of Marriage at Grace Fellowship Church in Kinston, NC February 1-2, or plan a weekend away with us for The Art of Marriage at Grand Strand Baptist in Myrtle Beach, SC. Find an Art of Marriage event near you or learn how to host an event of your own!

#1 COUCH TIME: Couch time, porch time, deck time, pool time, walk time…whatever you want to call it, however it fits into your day, find 20+ minutes to come together and connect as a couple every day. Put aside all the distractions- television, phones, computers, kids… yep, put the kids away. Send them to their rooms, have them do their homework, whatever it takes, and tell them not to bother you unless they are bleeding or on fire. It’s important for THEM to see the two of you taking time out together, it shows them that the marriage comes first, and gives them a sense of protection, stability, and that the foundation of the family is firm. Talk about your day, listen to each other (no, really, listen!), encourage each other, pursue each other’s hearts, pray together. Smooching is acceptable, too…but remember, it’s not ALL about smooching. Wives need this time to share about their day and hear about their husband’s day- it’s emotional intimacy for wives, which leads to physical intimacy later. *wink*


Still need ideas? Well, you could ask some of these questions in order to Know Your Spouse; plan a Date Night; or pray, man up and tackle the 10 Questions for Your Wife. I'm also taking my lovely wife, the Amazing Sherry, on the Love Like You Mean It Cruise in February, you may want to plan ahead for 2014 for that one! Pray about it and put some things on your calendar that will fulfill God's vision for your marriage, make 'em happen!


What's on YOUR calendar for 2013?