My "WATCH THIS" Attitude

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It was the infamous, I have gained a little too much weight SO I MUST wear a black dress to conceal it moment! As I searched frantically in the closet, it was obvious that in my lifetime there had been quite a few of those moments. There were black dresses and black dress pants in four different sizes! Anxious to finally do something about it I called my neighbor Tracy and asked if she would meet me to do a little walking.IY watch this pic After months of a somewhat strict regimen we decided to add in a few spurts of jogging in an effort to get our heart rate up. For her it seemed so easy, yet every time I took off it was all I could do to keep my breath, keep up with the pace, keep my pants from splitting, keep my hair intact, keep my bubble gum in my mouth, and keep from passing out!

On this particular morning I was in my “show off” mood. There was absolutely no way I was going to let the neighbors outdo me. Besides it was time to kick MY plan into high gear and speed up the weight loss process. So as I set off around the block along with my neighbor Tracy, my “watch this” attitude and my fake beauty pageant wave, at the first sight of someone running, I threw up my hand, waved, left Tracy and I took off! About the time I did, I tripped.

Like a clumsy little toddler just learning how to take the first steps, I fell! My big bubble of pride and I went tumbling down and landed onto the concrete. The nagging constant pain was followed by a diagnosis of a cracked knee, a couple of months in a leg brace and unfashionable crutches that left me wobbling around and unable to visit a mall or participate in a shopping excursion for what seemed like forever!

Just being candid, this so reminds me of my daily walk with Christ. There have been times when things were not going my way in my marriage, with my job, in our finances, our ministry work, and even with my parenting skills. The prayers were not being answered the way I thought they should be or within my time line. I have been known to try to take things into my own hands, and with my “Lord let me help you out here, Watch this" attitude, I have messed things up big time!

I look back now and I see that there were even situations when I tried to force the outcome and it just made things worse! Sadly, there were times that I chose to trust my bank account, a friend, or my own abilities instead of trusting in the Lord. Many of those times, I have seen my hopes and dreams come crashing down.Yes, the pain and agony that followed made for days filled with anxiety, more worry and fear.

You know what the problem was? My way was not in the will of God. You see, He has a plan and I need to let go and trust that He is at work even when I may perceive that He is not taking any action! Instead of  trying to lead God, I needed to be a follower. Yes friend, I found out a long time ago like the old song says, “Lord I Can’t Even Walk without you holding my hand."

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Jeremiah 29:11


Today is a great day to stop leading God so you can follow Him instead. In which areas do you struggle with this? Share with us so we can pray for you!


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