Be Still and Know

Your spouse's actions and words didn't line up today. Neither did your teenager's. You got that insensitive facebook message from someone you thought was your friend. A colleague at work said something that has you not only reconsidering your job, but your whole career field. Your mother-in-law said something insensitive. Again.  Don't blow it- we know self control is a fruit of the Spirit, but you've GOT to do something, right? And you've got to do it NOW, right? After all, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, right?

What if, in the midst of whatever size storm you are in, God is calling you to be still and know He is God?

In my prayer time back in 2004, just after I learned of Scott's adultery, there were so many opportunities to make rash decisions. In many of our conversations, it seemed the easy and culturally acceptable course of action would be to say "I'm done" and file for divorce. I thank God for the women in my life who encouraged me with Psalm 46:10.

Be still and know that I am God... -Psalm 46:10

It's half of one verse that stopped me in my tracks. In my prayer time, God showed me that He wanted me to be still for so many reasons.

Why be still?

TO REST: You live in a spiritual battle every minute of every day, whether you consciously decide to engage in it or not. Being in the battle is work, it involves strapping on the armor of God daily, steeping in His Word, and being a prayer warrior. An important part of the battle is rest. To rest is to be calm, to cease striving, to relax, to not exert yourself, to be without anxiety and leave matters with God. God knows you need it, He even chose to rest in Genesis, to show you that you need to rest. What better place to rest than in the sovereignty of the One who created you and holds your future?

TO WAIT:  Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord! Waiting is difficult, particularly in this fast paced, get it done now world. But God wants you to wait on Him, He has so many things He wants to do in you as you wait. He wants to build, shape, strengthen, fill, prepare, encourage you and so much more. Know that as you wait on Him, He is moving heaven and earth on your behalf, for your  good and His glory. As you wait, wait with expectation and anticipation of what He is doing. Remember, what you see is NOT necessarily an indication of what God is doing!

TO KNOW: And know that I am God. To know means to understand, informed experience, fathom, feel certain, grasp, realize, appreciate, and comprehend. God wants you to be still so you truly see Him and His hand, to give you a unique awareness of who He is and what He is doing. He's saying "Take a moment, look at your life through My eyes, see, in the things I've done, the evidence that I am God. Know, understand the work being accomplished which none "but" God could effect."

As you be still and know He is God, as you rest, wait and know, you'll learn to trust Him and His Word. Draw nearer to Him, seek His Word for whatever situation you are facing. When you take time to be still and know instead of responding immediately, you give God time and opportunity to shape you and those around you. While you are being still, pray for those around you to be still, too!

The second part of Psalm 46:10 is "I will be exalted among the nations! I will be exalted in the earth!" God WILL be exalted in your life, your marriage, your parenting, your relationships, your work, your ministry...every aspect of your life. Don't act rashly, let God shape you for His purpose, so that He will be exalted in all areas of your life!

When was the last time you chose to be still and know?

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