Marriage and the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is only two days away! To get ready for the Big Game, find a STEPPING UP event near you! We know there is one in our neighborhood- the men will be taking over at Living Waters in Pikeville, NC tomorrow. Here's the link, doors open at 8:30AM, kick off is at 9AM. Be there or lose your man card!

Marriage and the Super Bowl


In July 2012, we had the privilege of attending the FamilyLife Staff Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas. During that week, it was such a blessing to spend time with Jeff and Stacy Kemp- we had lunch at their favorite mexican restaurant, where they shared the story of their journey as a couple and a family. Jeff & Stacy are remarkable marriage champions, truly exuding Christ as they seek to know Him more, hear what God is doing in marriages, and share the testimony God has given them. 

This past week FamilyLife Today has featured football greats sharing powerful stories of how God's grace intersected their lives. Don't miss these amazing messages from Tony Dungy and Jeff Kemp!

Valuable Lessons From My Sons

with: Tony Dungy

Tony Dungy, former head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, shares what he's learned from his sons, Eric and Jordan, as well as his son James, who died in 2005.

Marriage Under the Shadow of the NFL

with: Jeff Kemp from the series: Facing the Blitz

A drive for success runs deep in the Kemp family. Jeff’s dad Jack was the stuff of legend, both in the NFL as a Super Bowl winning quarterback, and as a powerful and influential United States Congressman. So it was no surprise that Jeff was driven to succeed. But how does one move from success to significance? Jeff shares what football taught him about handling life’s blitzes, and how God opened his eyes to true significance in Christ.

Significance After the NFL

with: Jeff Kemp from the series: Facing the Blitz

Jeff Kemp was a successful NFL quarterback with a great marriage, wonderful kids, significant ministry and a great heritage of spiritual vitality. So why, after eleven years as a quarterback in the NFL, was he standing on the porch of his home lamenting his troubles? More importantly, how could he find his way out of a deep pit of despair? Jeff Kemp reflects on moving from success to significance.

So, what are YOUR super bowl plans?


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