Too Stressed to Be Blessed?

It has been one of those days, you know, the kind where you are meeting yourself coming and going, you can't remember if you ate or even if you went to the bathroom. As the hours pass, the day continues to harbor obstacles and unmet expectations. We all have been there.

Too Stressed to be Blessed

We survive the day with heavy sighs and mumbled words, and possibly an explosion or two at the people in our path. To make it worse we see Happy Holly going through the day smiling, appearing to be so stress free.  I have experienced this more often than not. I find myself asking God, "Lord, don't you care that I am working my tail off  to get this all accomplished before sundown ?!?!?!"

Not to long ago, I found myself sitting in the sanctuary of my church listening to our pastor speak. I was tired, worn out, and very broken. I had no joy and felt that motherhood and wifehood had defeated me. Our pastor read from Luke 10:38-42, the story of when Jesus went to visit in the home of Martha and Mary. In true female fashion, Martha was stressed and overwhelmed, while Mary seemed way too relaxed.

WOW!!! Martha totally felt my pain! Here she was rushing around the house making it perfect for Jesus, busting her tail to provide a good meal a clean place to sit, and Mary was over there just sitting there DOING NOTHING!!

I was on the edge of my seat waiting to hear how Jesus dealt with Mary, and how I would be validated in my vigorous efforts to always be perfect as a wife and mother, then it happened, right there in church, I broke into a thousand exhausted pieces. Jesus did not discipline Mary for sitting at his feet instead he praised her and then turned to Martha and put her in her place.

I realized I had gotten it all wrong. I had been working so hard on things that I had neglected the one thing that matters most; my time with God. At the end of the day my relationship with Christ wasn't going to improve based on the number of loads of laundry I had done or the meals I had cooked. I learned that getting my priorities right and sitting at the feet of Jesus was where I needed to be and in that my "chores" would become a service and an act of worship instead of a to do list. I realized I had allowed myself to be to stressed and was missing the blessing. I don't always get this right, but praise the Lord that  Lamentation 3:22-23 tells us that his compassions are new every morning.

Are you too stressed to be blessed today? Take time to sit at His feet, hear His words feel His presence. It will give you a new outlook on your day and your stresses will turn into blessings as you see Him work in your life.

What is stressing you today? How can we pray for you?

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