Ain't Got Time For No Devil or A Mustache!


“Ouch! Help, I’m dying!”  What you are about to read is a true story. (Well partly true, I have been known to exaggerate just a wee little bit, you know us drama queens!)  mustache

If it were not for the sake of looking like a wimp in front of all the “well to do” much younger ladies gathered in the beauty shop, I would have screamed out, “Girlfriend, you are KILLING me!”

Just being candid, for the last six months or so I don’t know what is happening to my hormones.  I seem to be having these little (how should I say this?) “mini power surges”!  As a little extra added unwanted bonus, I am growing new hair. The bad thing is, it doesn’t want to come in on my thinning crown; instead it wants to protrude out of my chin and rest above my luscious, painted hot pink lips!

The secret is out. I now have a new monthly beauty ritual. My beautician Jamie takes this little wood stick applicator and spreads a sticky wax substance over my top lip and on the bottom of my chin. Following the application, she adds a strip of tape, presses it down and then begins to yanks it off with absolutely no warning! OUCH! The other day I had to run down the hall and chase after my head after she pulled it off.   A word of caution: NEVER sit through the procedure on a full bladder……. Ugghh all that pain for a few little chin hairs and upper lip fuzz.

I don’t even want to think about what could happen if she waxed a leg or even my arm pits! Well glory!! Isn’t it funny what we will do to keep those straggly little dark hairs from taking up residence on our face? You laugh if you want to, but honey I have to work at it. If the sun hits those things just right, YIKES I just might have a catastrophe.

Kind of reminds me of my sin life. I ain’t got time for no devil attacking at me and bringing me down through sin in my life. I have to wake up every morning determined and committed to fight off the fiery darts from creeping in. Gossip, jealousy, envy, disrespect to my spouse, if I am not careful it will try to protrude out of my heart just like those annoying chin hairs. That is why I have to make it a point to find time with God, study his word and pray daily for God to order my steps and my thoughts. I have to ask God to help me keep my heart in check. "Is there anything that shouldn’t be there?" If I allow that sin to enter in it will grow and try to take over my entire life. I don’t want to rationalize it or even get comfortable with it until I don’t even recognize it as sin.

In all honesty, some days I just find myself crying out to God and confessing by saying, “Lord, I royally blew it and I need you to forgive me.” There will be times when I have to get those big ole tweezers and pluck sin right out of my life.


“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10


What do you need  to ask GOD to help you clean out of your heart today. Is it jealousy, envy, harsh words spoken to your spouse, family member, or a friend, maybe it is a negative attitude?


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