Our Love Boat Became The Sinking Titanic

Breaking news out of Miami...a cruise ship carrying more than 4,000 passengers is stranded at sea. A spokesman for the cruise line says it could be days before the passengers reach home.” The words from the television resonated in my ears as I scurried around anxiously to grab my travel bags from the hotel room.

Love Boat

Just being candid, already I was a little anxious about leaving my kids for a week, even more so about traveling out by boat onto the DEEP blue ocean. Let’s get real! Well, here goes, I get nervous about water because this here girl can’t swim! In fact “doggy paddle” isn’t even in my vocabulary. SO, I realize if the ship goes down, I’m in big trouble! As far as floating ….well let’s just say the rear end of my ship would surely send this one hundred fifty plus pounds hurling downward!

As we boarded the cruise line, I could still hear lingering conversations among the passengers about the events that had happened earlier with the stranded ship. I mean could you imagine the panic? You set sail on what you think is the “Love Boat” and your vacation is ruined by an engine fire, the loss of power, reduced menus… Let’s just stop right there! The loss of power with no flat-iron, no lights for makeup, (I mean have you seen me without makeup?), limited phone service, no buffet line, no CHOCOLATE, that is more than enough to make this drama queen panic!

There was a time in my marriage when we were just cruising along on what Rick & I naively perceived to be some kind of love boat.  When our marriage began to suffer from an attack, we were unprepared for what seemed more like a sinking Titanic. Our priorities were so out of line with kids, PTA, civic clubs, work, that we became  more self focused and withdrew from each other.  Truthfully, I began to withdraw from God. Oh, I had plenty of head knowledge about God, I had been in church all of my life, but at that time I did not have a deep down intimate relationship with God.

We found ourselves in deep turbulent waters and our marriage was  sinking from stress fatigue, busyness, misplaced priorities, anger and even unresolved conflict. As I sit here sobbing, I can’t help but think back to how my husband dropped to his knees during that time and began crying out to GOD! You see, Rick saw that I was drowning, running from the only life guard that could possibly save me. He knew without divine intervention our marriage would surely go down. Just being honest, he will tell you there were times that he could feel himself begin to panic. Yet he was determined to stand on the WORD of God, seek Biblical counseling, pray a whole lot more and love me unconditionally!  In other words, I hope this is making sense to you, he began to throw me the “life ring”!

I am aware right now that some of you are in the same boat we were in. You feel like your ship is going down. You are drowning in shattered finances, your prodigal spouse has gone wayward, your marriage is under attack with an emotional or sexual affair, or sickness is attacking your body. HONEY CHILD, don’t panic, just grab a hold of the rope and start pulling with all of your might until you get a hold of THE LIFE RING.

I love the story in the Bible when the disciples are on the boat with Jesus. The waves came crashing over that boat and they find themselves in the middle of a storm in some turbulent waters. They began to cry out in fear! BUT it doesn't stop there!  In Mark 4: 39, it says, Jesus got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, "Quiet! Be still!" Then the wind died down and it was completely calm. Well, GLORY! GOD has it all under control!!

Friend as you sit there in the middle of your circumstance and everything is looking grim. Don't look for your own solutions. HOLD ON- help is on the way! 

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