Roots or Fruits? part one

We all have experienced deep hurt in our lives. A child seeing their father leave and never come back. A best friend breaking trust. A spouse finding another to love and you never saw it coming. A company letting you go after a lifetime of commitment. And there you stand, holding a seed of hurt. Quickly, you process the events leading up to it as your emotions plant this seed. It is watered through tears and conversations with peers. As time goes by it takes root and a plant begins to grow. These events in our lives are real and they are not something we get over in one night.

roots or fruit part one

When we have a wrong done to us and we allow it to take root in the form of bitterness or resentment our actions reflect it. We treat our children differently, we treat peers differently, lets face it we treat everyone and everything differently. The single mom left to raise her children as her ex-husband dances around seemingly care free with a younger woman finds herself raising her children through bitterness. She snaps more quickly, she rages more often. The wife whose dad left as a child will treat her husband with bitterness and unrealistic expectations. She lives in fear her husband will do the same so she prepares herself for the day he leaves and unknowingly contributes to the fall of the relationship. The man who gave his life working for one company and then was let go allows his work ethic to deplete and his new job suffers as a result.

Rooted in bitterness. The roots have taken such a grip on them and the forgiveness and bitterness is now what people see when they look upon this person.  Their actions reflect their roots.

Then you have the same situations in different people, the ones who have learned to forgive. They are free from rooted bitterness. The single mother helps others going through the rough journey by offering childcare and prayer for that friend. The abandoned adult mentors children who are living in shoes she once wore. The man who lost his job uses the loss as an opportunity to expand his field and trains others how to cope in a job loss. They are bearing fruits of blessings. Their actions reflect their fruits.

Where do you stand? Are you rooted in bitterness or free in fruits?   We often times feel that forgiveness is allowing that person who wronged us to get away with what they have done. Let's face it though, who really suffers when we hold on to our "wrong"? It is us, our attitude suffers, our sleep suffers, our health suffers. John 10:10 says "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life", my friends Satan uses these roots of bitterness to steal joy, to kill us slowly to where we no longer bear fruit.  Jesus Christ has come to set us free!  Join me next week to find out how to experience FREEDOM in FORGIVENESS in Roots or Fruit, part 2!

Where in your life do you see roots of bitterness? Share them, we want to pray for you!


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