Move Heaven & Earth

Move heaven and earth. That is what we urge couples to do when they ask for counseling, and one of our first encouragements/requirements is for them to attend The Art of Marriage. It doesn't fit into your schedule? MOVE HEAVEN AND EARTH. GO!

heaven and earth

Yesterday, Craig talked about Learning the Hard Way. There's a better way to be married, and you know there's a better way. The couples who reach out to us for guidance know that, too, or they wouldn't be seeking counseling. So why, if they are asking for counsel, do they NOT take the first counsel we go to The Art of Marriage? We find ourselves asking: Do You Want To Be Well?

This clip from The Art of Marriage is near and dear to our hearts for so many reasons. Most powerfully, he mentions Let's Make a Deal's fourteen season run...and at the hands of our selfishness, our marriage had a fourteen season run. But when the Counselor (GOD) got a hold of our hearts, we listened to His guidance and direction, we went to FamilyLife's Weekend to Remember, and came away with the tools we needed to build a new marriage on Him. Because we listened to our Counselor. Take a peek:

How would you rate your marriage? A six? A three? Are you happy with it? What are you willing to do to change it?

If you want different results than you've got in your marriage, do something different. Get desperate like the woman with the issue of blood, who was willing to pursue Jesus like her life depended on it. 

The Art of Marriage isn't the cure all. We think of it as intense chemo for the cancer in your marriage. Or, if your marriage is healthy, it's like the flu shot. After the weekend of intense treatment, you've got to follow up with courses of treatment to continue to work you started at the event. You can never walk away after an event or teaching and say "it didn't work." When you are confronted with the truth, YOU have got to do the hard (heart) work with God. What Will You Do with the Truth?

What happens to most of the couples who do as we've asked, they move heaven and earth to get to The Art of Marriage or FamilyLife's Weekend to Remember? 

  • Changed. God meets husbands and wives at these events with His conviction, healing, promises, encouragement, love, grace, and mercy. Couples come away from the events changed. 
  • Healed. The teachings lead couples through conversations to peel back layers and encourage productive communication. Couples leave the event having talked about things they didn't know they needed to talk about, in a healing way.
  • Redeemed. Of the 1,400 people we've seen at The Art of Marriage events we've facilitated, we've seen 130 people choose to make Jesus Christ Lord of their lives. Yes, at a DVD driven marriage event. Lives, marriages, families and legacies are redeemed.
  • Teachable. We get to see the condition of their hearts, to see how teachable they are. Because really, if you aren't going to take the first counsel we give, are you going to take any counsel we give?

What have you got to lose? Find a FamilyLife Weekend to Remember or The Art of Marriage event near you. Email me at if you need help finding an event. Know that we are praying for YOU right now to move heaven and earth to go to an event.

Lord, speak to the hearts of husbands and wives, call them up to something greater. Open their ears to wise counsel, lead them to find the event nearest them, then move heaven and earth to get them there! Provide what each couple needs to make it happen, whether the need is financial, help to watch the kids, aligning of schedules, a compassionate supervisor at work, helpful neighbors and friends to empower the couple to GO! You are our Jehovah Jireh, You see each couple, You know their needs, and You are their provision! Clear their paths, Father, tearing down any obstacles. Give them ears to hear and soft hearts to understand. Our hearts are broken for couples who are settling for marriages that are like scraps on the floor instead of pulling up to the marriage banquet You have set for them. Press on their hearts to COME, Lord, regardless of their marital status, bring the separated, the divorced, the marginally married, the happily married, the struggling, the thriving, so they can learn Your plan for marriage in a fun and engaging way. And Lord, thank You for meeting each husband and wife there with Your compassion, love, grace and mercy, that each couple will walk away from the event changed! In Jesus' Name, AMEN!!

DON'T WAIT. If you had cancer in your body, would you wait? Would you choose to NOT pursue treatment? 


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