Marriage Mission Field

In high school, I went on a mission trip with Habitat For Humanity. This trip took a bus load of teenagers to South Carolina. We stayed in a plantation home and worked on various projects for a week. Being teenagers, we had no clue what we were doing but we did our best to follow directions and everyone knew the success of the projects relied heavily on the group leader each day. By the end of the week, most of us had cuts, bruises and sore muscles but we left SC feeling a great sense of accomplishment. Since that time, I have wanted to “go” on another mission trip. I dreamed of flying to an impoverished country to help those who were suffering and I knew I could make a difference in someone’s life if I could just find a way to get there. If I could just get on a plane and go where I was needed, God could use me!

Marriage Mission Field

Soon after God called me back from my prodigal life, I began praying that He would open a door for me to another mission trip and anywhere was fine. Little did I know, His answer would open the door to my house! I did not have to fly around the world to find someone impoverished and suffering. I did not need a plane to reach the lost and the suffering. When my husband’s infidelity was exposed, I became completely aware I would have to learn to treat him as any missionary would treat the people they were going to help. I began to see him as lost soul in need of God’s grace and my home became my mission field. Like other missionaries, I would have give up luxuries, selfish desires, and my ideas on how to fix the problems. I placed myself in the hands of my Almighty Father and trusted Him for the outcome.

 As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. -Ephesians 4:1 -3

Whether you are sailing on calm waters or fighting the rapids in your marriage, you have been called by God to walk out your life in a long-term mission. I don’t think many of us see marriage in this way. On your wedding day, you don’t think about the sacrifices that a Marriage Mission requires. You don’t consider what it takes to properly love your spouse as God intends. Then add into the equation a spouse who makes decisions you don’t agree with, who is not treating you with the love you "deserve" or who has stepped out into the depths of sin. Does your mission change because our circumstances change? Absolutely not!

Your calling in marriage, no matter the situation, is to be completely humble and gentle, being patient and bearing with one another in love and keeping unity the of the Spirit through the bond of peace. But what if your spouse is anything but peacefull? The peace you seek comes not from what your spouse is saying/doing but from Holy Spirit that lives in you. The only way to truly carry out your mission is to be firmly planted in God’s word and trusting Him for the outcome of every situation.

Is there a perfect marriage out there? Is there a perfect wife or a husband that never fails? No. Not since Adam and Eve has there been a perfect marriage, and they blew it, too. Even after all that God has done, it is NOT my marriage. Mark and I fail each other in action and word every day!! In spite of this fact, our marriage continues to grow stronger! Why is that?

It grows for the very same reason a group of teenagers could successfully build a pump house without a lick of carpentry experience! We keep our hearts open to God's plan, put forth the effort, listen to our Leader, we do our best to follow His direction and at all cost, WE TRUST HIM FOR THE OUTCOME!


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