Exhausted Mom

A little over eight years ago, before the economy went south, I decide it was time to strike it rich so I started a limousine business. It was hard work in the beginning because we could not afford to pay a driver to chauffeur the limousine. Well, I never did financially strike it rich but I did get to meet a lot of people. Many have become casual acquaintances; others I met once and never saw again. I cannot remember most of my passengers, but I do remember Joe. Joe was an elderly man I drove to the airport. exhausted mom

The limo service was arranged by one of his daughters who was flying him out to stay with her. I remember speaking with her, she was very pleasant and you could tell she was one of those people who was just brought up right. I pulled up to the house at 6 AM and there Joe was sitting in his lawn chair out in the driveway. As I put his luggage in the trunk, I heard him say "What kind of car is this? The passenger's seat is missing." Reluctantly, he got in the back but moved all the way up to the window in the divider so we could talk.

I learned that this was Joe's first year without his bride of 60+ years and his children kept flying him out to stay with them but never would allow him to drive to the airport alone. I told him how pleasant his one daughter was on the phone, and he me asked if I had any children. At that time my son was less than a year old, little did I know Joe was about to give me some very wise counsel. He told me all his children were the way they were because they had their mom around.

He told me never to forget that you can never substitute a mother's love with anything, and that one of the reasons  society is the way it is now is because mothers are forced out of the house to work. He told me he worked two jobs to provide for his family, but his laboring allowed his wife to be at home to care for the children.

“The Scripture is clear that a married woman’s life and ministry are to be centered in her home. This is not to suggest that it is necessarily wrong for a wife and mother to have a job outside her home—unless that job in any way competes and diminishes her effectiveness in fulfilling her primary calling at home. Further, it is important for women to evaluate their reasons for working outside their home and to identify any deception behind those reasons.” (Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free)

To my wife Nikki and all the other mothers in our society that have been forced to work outside of the home, I am sorry we got ourselves into this mess. We have driven you away from the very nature of your design by our Creator. You feel that you have to compete with men at work to prove yourself and when you get home your husbands and children require the love that only you can provide. You have got to be exhausted from being torn and pulled in so many directions. It is no wonder that half of all first time marriages end in divorce with this broken guidance.

Paul has not given women a lesser role in Titus 2:5 as keepers of the house, housewives, or whatever your translations says, even though this contradicts what society says. Instead he acknowledges in verse 4 the most important thing is love. Two cars, a nice house with all the furnishings, smartphones, and a five star daycare was never meant to be a substitute. Your love as a mother cannot be replaced by anything!

Thank you Lord, for Joe, and for bringing to my memory the words You gave him. Lord, help us men to be more patient and supportive of our wives and to always remember how important their love is for our children. In Jesus' Name, AMEN!


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