Remembering Battles Fought

Walking around Washington, DC during Memorial Day weekend is a powerful experience. The city is alive with people from all over the world, coming to a place which symbolizes freedom to the entire world, while honoring those who paid the ultimate price for it.

Remembering Battles Fought

As we were walking along the mall, from one monument and memorial to the next, we saw so many people of all ages and from all walks of life. We saw so many veterans, returning to honor their fallen comrades, alongside whom they fought for freedom. Their freedom and ours.

I stopped looking at the jackets, hats, and other indicators of their affiliation with different military branches, clubs, and wars in which they had fought. I started to notice their faces and their hands. I wanted to sit down next to each person and ask them their own story. I wanted to ask them what they had experienced in their lives and what drew them to this honored place, on this very solemn weekend.

Every person has a story, a story of a great romance set amidst a great battle. In each story there is a very real enemy, who utilizes anyone, anything and any circumstance to leverage his ability to take you out. Sometimes the enemy will lie in wait, letting circumstances wear you down before pouncing on you. This enemy is relentless.

But our God is the greater relentlessness. He pursues our hearts and fights the battles in our lives for us, when we let Him. When we visit places like Washington, DC, to remember the wars fought and won, to remember and memorialize the sacrifice made by so many; we need to be intentional about remembering and recounting the wars and battles fought and won in our own lives. Every battle fought affects the generations that follow.

We share our story frequently- it reminds us of where we've been and how we got there, serving as a reminder to not tread that path of isolation again. Every person has a story of battles fought. Ask someone theirs. Or share yours....we'd love to hear it!


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