I Am Gonna Make It!

My husband took my hand and slowly he pulled it to his wet cheek and began to kiss each one of my fingers. Overwhelmed from his forgiveness and grateful to God for restoring our family, I began to weep uncontrollably.  I pulled him close and whispered into his ear, "I love you, please never forget that I truly love you."

Make It

We held each other for what seemed like hours, we laughed, we cried, we prayed and then we cried some more…It was at that moment that I knew that no matter what we would face in the future- sickness, financial uncertainty, family situations and even death- with Christ in the center of it all, we were gonna make it!

Only five months before, we had both contacted divorce attorneys, drew up paper work and had began to itemize all of our assets so that they could be divided equally. Our children walked around like zombies, broken, and at times, bitter from the events that were unfolding in our family. I can still remember the somber looks on their faces when I would go to pick them up at their grandparents. The car was unusually quiet. There were no silly noises, no sounds of laughter, not even the sounds of music, only silence. I reached out to touch my young son’s hand, but he forcefully pushed it away. Tears filled his eyes and he blurted out, "I want my family back..."

In late 2010, our marriage and our family was broken, shattered into a million little pieces.

My husband was overwhelmed with the depression from not being able to fix it, I was full of conviction, and slowly in January 2011, we began tapping into our checking and savings account for additional resources to meet the demands of living in two separate households. Everything seemed to be spinning out of control.

It was during that time, my husband surrounded himself with godly mentors, camped out in  the book of Ephesians and the Word of God, read the Five Love Languages and began praying and seeking God for wisdom like never before. You see, to the world it seemed like a hopeless case, yet to our GOD it was a beautiful story of redemption yet to come….

Perhaps you find yourself in a situation similar to what we were in years ago. Loneliness, isolation, unforgiveness, bitterness and pain are so real and so overwhelming that you wonder... when will it ever end? Maybe you are in the middle of a battle in your marriage, or a crisis with your finances, or maybe you are struggling with a prodigal child, the death of a loved one, the pain from remembering something terrible that happened to you in your past...

There are some nights when I sit there as I read your text messages, your emails, your blog post responses and my heart just breaks for you. Some of you have written to us, saying,"I am so confused, I hurt so much, how am I going to make it?"

My friend, if  you knew you had an incurable disease wouldn’t you want to speak to a survivor?

Your heart longs to talk with someone who has made it through, who understands this giant you are facing, someone who will just listen….  I just want you to know that YES!  YOU ARE GONNA MAKE IT!

FIRST: You cannot make it without GOD! Honey child, you gotta’ tap into the source of all resource! Get into the word of God, what does it say about your situation, what does GOD promise?

SECOND: You have got to surround yourselves with godly people who will encourage and empower you. If your friends are not sharing strong Biblical truths you need to bid them farewell! Surround yourself with people who believe in the HEALING and restoration power of GOD.

THIRD: You must pray. I can tell you there were nights when I just could not find the words to pray. It seemed like my prayers would ricochet back from the top of the ceiling and around the room. I want you to know that there will be nights when all you can do is breathe the name of Jesus!

FINALLY: Keep your eyes on the prize! Yes, you can become debt free, yes you can fight this cancer, yes your marriage can be restored, yes you can overcome that fear you are facing, yes you can overcome that addiction, yes you can overcome those past failures, all through the grace of GOD! You are gonna make it!

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE YOU...and GOD LOVES YOU EVEN MORE!! Keep seeking and trusting GOD even when it hurts and it feels as if it all is falling apart.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Jeremiah 29:11


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