Sparkly Chucks

In January I was given a pair of God's Love Chucks. Sparkly Chucks. I could not believe that the giver gave me the gift. I didn't know why and truly believed I was not worthy of the gift. What did I possibly do to earn their attention? What did I do to bless them so much they thought of me and gave me a gift? I did nothing I could see, but to them I was some great blessing. sparkly chucks

That is God. In spite of us, He moves to bless others, when we submit to His will and purpose for our lives.

I was a mess, deep in sin a little over a year before given the gift. I was 6 months into a redemption process I did not believe could ever happen to me, since I had condemned my integrity to hell. I blew it. I was forgiven, but totally unredeemable in my heart.

I knew God would forgive, but I was nowhere near believing that God would allow me to sit at the table and use the gifts I knew He had given me. I preferred to sit beneath the table, receiving what the blessed put down there for me to share in. And they invited me to use and share my gifts with others. They blessed me by inviting me, messy and deplorable me, to participate with them in the service of others to journey with them in Christ. I could never repay them for that or God for that. I could only participate and be grateful. So I was and still am.

Luke 15: 11-31 is the famous parable of the prodigal son. I was stuck in verses 17-20. I felt I was not worthy to be called Father's daughter. I knew that even a servant was provided for and welcomed, so I was just looking for that. They let me serve; God let me serve and journey with others.

And while I was just delighted to be in the vicinity of the Father and serving others, they saw me through God's eyes. Through them, the Father ran to me and rejected my concept that "I was no longer worthy to be called your [daughter]" state of heart and they celebrated me with a pair of Sparkly Chucks. Luke 15: 22-24.

I swear I cry every time I look at those Sparkly Chucks. I am so unworthy of the givers' esteem, yet they value me. I am so unworthy of God's attention and acceptance and love, yet HE died for me. HE welcomes me back and celebrates me. The Father called a feast, put a ring on the son's hand and "sparkly chucks" on his feet.

I wear the readiness that comes from the gospel of Christ on my feet,  along with the full armour of God. (Ephesians 6:10-17). My Sparkly Chucks remind me that GOD LOVES ME AND DEEMS ME WORTHY. I am not "in the way" or "underfoot." I am not someone no one can really love without calling it a favor to me or to God. I swear I feel that way at times. I am just so grateful for the love of others and God in my life that I feel like I am undeserving and they are doing me a favor and I am not worthy of it. While that might be true...I am worthy of being loved and God has made me loveable.

NO PERSON'S ACCEPTANCE OR REJECTION OF ME BEARS ANY WEIGHT...I AM LOVEABLE AND LOVED BY GOD AND CREATED TO LOVE HIM. I am not worthy on my own, but I AM WORTHY IN CHRIST. I have gifts God has placed in me to build the body of Christ. So HE CALLS ME TO SERVE AND HAS INVITED ME TO SERVE. And He has given me a pair of SPARKLY CHUCKS to remind me in whose LOVE I walk daily. I am so deeply loved there are no words to describe to you what I have come to accept. I am just loved. And that is such a amazing gift.

God loves me. The givers of those "GOD'S LOVE SPARKLY CHUCKS" love me. And God has blessed me with others who love me. NO MATTER WHAT THE MESS YOU'RE IN, OR THE WAITING SEASON YOU'RE ENDURING, OR THE PAIN YOU'RE EXPERIENCING...YOU are so deeply loved by God, HE calls you HIS.

YOU CAN BE HIS...YOU ARE HIS...and HE LOVES YOU. Walk in THOSE shoes. Walk in God's love.

In Christ, thankfully and humbly,


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