TOP 5: #5 And A Giveaway!

Can you believe it was just one short year ago that we launched our website and started blogging? What a great year and a wild ride it has been! 142,908 hits and 1,200 comments later, we've shared all sorts of practical information to show that as long as you are breathing, there is hope. Weekend To Remember

To celebrate, this week we're going to share the TOP 5 posts of our first year and host our first giveaway! Everyday this week you'll be able to enter to win a FREE REGISTRATION to FamilyLife's Weekend to Remember (a $300 value!) or a set of MY WIFE ROCKS/MY HUSBAND ROCKS shirts (a $30 value!). Just follow the instructions below, and then we'll announce the winner on Monday.

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Counting down to #1...

Beverly Weeks has been wowing us with her candidness as she covers topics and answers questions we are thinking but may be too bashful to ask. Her candor and southern charm disarms us and makes us laugh, arming us at the same time with powerful truth that will change our lives and marriages if we'll let it. The #5 most read post on Intentionally Yours in the first year is How to Turn Her On Without Getting Naked.

How to turn her on

“Honey, I have lined up my mom to watch the kids today. I want to take you to your favorite shops to buy you a new outfit. I have got all day, and when we have finished there, let’s just hang out together at the Olive Garden and then we will head over to your favorite chocolate store!  

Well, GLORY! No sooner than the words had left his lips, I just wanted to jump on his lap, give him a big kiss, and…. well that’s a whole notha devotion!  Honeychild, you might want to close your eyes before you read this next line, I ain’t gonna lie, my husband’s words sent me into a Holy Ghost tizzy and I could not help but throw my hands up in the air and start shouting!

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Sherry and Beverly have spoken at events throughout the southeast, including our own annual Intentionally & Wonderfully Made women’s event, and we’d love to come speak at YOUR women’s event! We share on topics such as insecurity, sexual intimacy, lies women believe, comparison, discontentment, people pleasing10 questions to ask your husband, and more. Don’t miss my next speaking engagement!

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