Top 5: #4 And A Giveaway!

Celebrating IY's First Year!

Back in August 2012, Beverly and Sherry were doing almost all the writing, with Scott weighing in weekly with a Friday Five. To date, Beverly has written 65 posts, Sherry has written 64 posts and Scott has written 35 posts. Fortunately, God has risen up a team of incredible men and women from all over the country to share God's truth, hope and vision for marriage through their experiences: Bert & Bethany, Dwaine & April, Craig & Nikki, Jamie, Katy, Kris, Kim, Traci, Jody-Lynne, Christina and our most recent addition, David. As a team, we've written about strengthening/protecting your marriage, communication, sex, intimacy, praying together, surrender, forgiveness, standing for your marriage; the dangers of discontentment, comparison, pornography, masturbation, and more. We are so blessed by them and hope you are, too. We recognize we are not smart enough to have assembled this team- it had to be GOD!

Weekend to RememberRocksTo celebrate, this week we’re going to share the TOP 5 posts of our first year and host our first giveaway! Everyday this week you’ll be able to enter to win a FREE REGISTRATION to FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember (a $300 value!) or a set of MY WIFE ROCKS/MY HUSBAND ROCKS shirts (a $30 value!). Just follow the instructions below, and then we’ll announce the winner on Monday.

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Counting down to #1...

Kim Sorgius is an amazingly strong woman of God who shares her heart boldly. She is a dear friend who was catalytic in making this website happen, we are so grateful for her, her story, and the story God continues to write in her life. She is the owner and force behind Not Consumed, and we were so blessed to walk through part of her life with her, pouring into her stand as she was instrumental in building this website with us. Her post, 5 Steps to Standing for Your Marriage, is the #4 most read post on Intentionally Yours in the first year!

#4: 5 steps to standing for your marriage by Kim Sorgius


The questions are swirling, circumstances haunting, and you can't even get out of bed. The sun seems to have set on your home, but oh friend, God has an amazing restoration in store for you! I know that in this moment that seems impossible, maybe even undesirable...but God. God restores marriages everyday. He brings back prodigal spouses who swear they will never come home. He breaks the bondage of the sin of that adulterous relationship. Daily. In this moment, it seems that you will barely survive the next 5 minutes, but God is doing 1000 things in this one thing....beyond what you can think, ask or even imagine. So, you have decided to fight for your marriage and you've got a list of reasons why. What do you do now? Read the rest of 5 steps to standing for your marriage.

Sherry and Beverly have spoken at events throughout the southeast, including our own annual Intentionally & Wonderfully Made women’s event, and we’d love to come speak at YOUR women’s event! We share on topics such as insecurity, sexual intimacy, lies women believe, comparison, discontentment, people pleasing10 questions to ask your husband, and more. Don’t miss Beverly's next speaking engagement- September 13 at Goldsboro Worship Center! Cafe Chocolate

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