TOP 5: #3 & A Giveaway!

As we celebrate our first year of our website and blogging, we can't help but reflect on other things God has done in the past year with Intentionally Yours. The Art of Marriage is a catalytic marriage experience created by FamilyLife. The Intentionally Yours Team has embraced this tool and has been sharing it like no other team on the planet. Since its release in 2011 through today, we've facilitated 21 events, walking 1,777 people through the experience of creatively hearing God's truth for marriage, leading 151 people to surrender their lives to Christ for the first time. It never gets old! We've got six events coming up and continue to receive invitations to facilitate throughout the southeast. Don't take our word for the power of this tool- read about it for yourself here.

We're also looking forward to The Art of Marriage at Sea! In late 2012, we were asked by Agape Travel to partner with them to facilitate the catalytic experience on a cruise ship- how do you say no to that? We love to cruise! Sailing from Charleston, SC on the Carnival Fantasy, we'll be visiting Nassau and Freeport, enjoying sea days, and The Art of Marriage. Only 63 days away, there are still a few cabins left- call Shirley at 919.971.9836 to book your cabin today!

Weekend to RememberRocks

To celebrate, this week we’re going to share the TOP 5 posts of our first year and host our first giveaway! Everyday this week you’ll be able to enter to win a FREE REGISTRATION to FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember (a $300 value!) or a set of MY WIFE ROCKS/MY HUSBAND ROCKS shirts (a $30 value!). Just follow the instructions below, and then we’ll announce the winner on Monday.

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Counting down to #1...

Beverly Weeks' astounding ability to share the truth about sex in marriage in ways that charm and disarm us continues to make her posts a favorite. She gets to the heart of every issue, doesn't she? The #3 most read post on Intentionally Yours in the first year is How to Turn Him On and Get Naked.

#3: How to Turn Him On and Get Naked

how-to-turn-him-on-and-get-naked1 I walked into the bedroom and the first thing I did was reach for the lights. My past insecurities had led me to believe that I just wasn’t skinny enough, pretty enough…sexy enough.

Now, here I was taking bold small steps to break free from that bondage. For the first time in years, I had thrown aside the oversized sweat pants and had worn something to bed that just might cause my husband’s heart to  flutter, skip a beat and make his tongue wrap around his ankles twice!

Honeychild, I ain’t gonna lie, my heart went to racing, my knees started buckling and for a moment, I thought I should just grab the nearest bathrobe or even a bedsheet. I sucked in my stomach muscles as tight as I could and walked across that room in a white lacy outfit that had less material than my husband’s tube socks! In the back of my mind, all I could do was picture him sitting up in the bed like, Jethrow from the  show The Beverly Hillbillies, and shouting out, “WOO DOGGIE!”

Somebody pass the peanut butter and chocolate! I am about to step all over my hot pink polka dot painted toes and I will need a pedicure by the time I am finished.

Ladies, may I just get candid? Are we turning our husbands on IN the bedroom as well as out? Or are we rejecting/ignoring them, leaving them tempted to turn to other sources, to be drawn dangerously to the flirtatious looks, remarks, and advances of other women?

Last week I shared with the men, How To Turn Her On Without Getting Naked, this week I believe that I have a word for all the wives.

Ladies, it is time to turn him on AND GET NAKED! Some suggestions for you…

Read the rest of How to Turn Him On and Get Naked....


Sherry and Beverly have spoken at events throughout the southeast, including our own annual Intentionally & Wonderfully Made women’s event, and we’d love to come speak at YOUR women’s event! We share on topics such as insecurity, sexual intimacy, lies women believe, comparison, discontentment, people pleasing10 questions to ask your husband, and more. Don’t miss Beverly's next speaking engagement- September 13 at Goldsboro Worship Center!

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