Top 5: #2 & A Giveaway!

As we celebrate the first year of Intentionally Yours, we can't help reflect on another catalytic tool from FamilyLife- The Weekend To Remember. It is THE weekend where Scott and I learned God's blueprint for marriage back in 2005, only a few short months after our divorce. We left that weekend knowing that we had to tell the WORLD what God had for husbands and wives, because we knew the world wasn't. How did we start reaching out to couples to share that as long as you are breathing there is hope?

  • By sharing our story of brokenness and redemption to share hope with others.
  • By becoming group coordinators. YOU can become a group coordinator, you'll get a discount code to share so people can save $120 on their registration, and you'll earn free registrations to gift to couples who need it. It's a powerful, grassroots way to help people around you!
  • By becoming part of FamilyLife's Homebuilder movement. FamilyLife is creating tools for people like YOU (and us!) to share God's blueprint for marriage in our sphere of influence. Right now, small group kits are 25% off!

It's been through sharing our story and FamilyLife's tools that we've met every single person on the Intentionally Yours Team. We're so grateful for what God is doing...and how He may be calling YOU to share!

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To celebrate, this week we’re going to share the TOP 5 posts of our first year and host our first giveaway! Everyday this week you’ll be able to enter to win a FREE REGISTRATION to FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember (a $300 value!) or a set of MY WIFE ROCKS/MY HUSBAND ROCKS shirts (a $30 value!). Just follow the instructions below, and then we’ll announce the winner on Monday.

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Counting down to #1…

What amazes me every day about Scott Jennings is that if you'd told him back in 2004 that he would be a pastor of marriage and family life, he probably would have beat the snot out of you, then thrown you out of the bar...because that is where he was spending so much of his time. When Scott surrendered his life to Christ back in 2005, he became a man after God's heart and mine. He was truly transformed and being transformed everyday. He's not perfect by any stretch, but he truly wants to become the man God created him to be, and he knows I'm his partner in that. After reading Stepping Up, he wrote Intentionally Your's #2 most read post 10 Questions to Ask Your Wife.

#2: 10 Questions to Ask Your Wife

10 questions Humility. It’s a word that’s about as popular today with men as the word submission is with women. However, any man who has tried to biblically lead his family for more than about fifteen minutes knows humility is an integral part of leadership.

When it comes specifically to leading your wife, approaching her with humility can be a challenge. It takes an intentional desire to put aside your own selfishness and see the bigger picture. More than anything else, your wife needs the security that comes with the knowledge that you are in your marriage for the long haul. She needs to know you’re committed, not only to her for the rest of your life, but also that you’re committed to growing closer to her for the rest of your life.

We need to be able, with all humility, to look at our performance as a husband and be honest with ourselves. To ask our wives what it is we’re doing well and in what areas we need to improve. Let’s be honest: that’s a hard thing to do. But if you’ll put on the cloak of humility that Christ provides and set aside your selfishness, you’ll see the rewards are worth the effort. I would encourage you to take the following steps in order to bring your marriage relationship to a whole new level.

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Sherry and Beverly have spoken at events throughout the southeast, including our own annual Intentionally & Wonderfully Made women’s event, and we’d love to come speak at YOUR women’s event! We share on topics such as insecurity, sexual intimacy, lies women believe, comparison, discontentment, people pleasing10 questions to ask your husband, and more. Don’t miss Beverly's next speaking engagement- September 13 at Goldsboro Worship Center! Cafe Chocolate

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