Watching for Fireflies

My wife and I were together with a group of like-minded individuals, and we were having a rich time of sharing our current life experiences with one another. I shared how our kids just started back to school, and the various dynamics that brings upon them, individually, and upon our home. I was sharing my desire for them to do well this year, but even more to fall more deeply in love with Jesus, and to allow His light and love to radiate to their peers and classmates. An analogy came to me that seemed to resonate well with everyone in the group. fireflies

Being a parent of these two teens is a continual exercise in modeling a life that is connected to Christ and led by the Holy Spirit. My heart yearns for them to come to know and love Jesus Christ with the same passion I do - and even more! And I think they are progressing down that path.

But it's a lot like watching for fireflies.

I imagine myself standing in a grassy field, on a dark summer night, just waiting.

OH! There it is!


There it is again!


And again!

....get the picture?

I know my kids love the Lord, and I see those momentary 'flashes" when I witness them exhibit a GREAT love for Jesus - through the way they interact with others, with my wife and me, or even with God Himself. I just hope above all hope that those moments will become seasons, and those seasons turn into a lifetime.

And then, a friend in our group asked,

"Do you think God wants any less from us?"



  Delight yourself in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart. ~Psalm 37:4




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