It's Okay To Let Go

We often expend so much energy trying to hold on to the very things that hurt us. Maybe your child is a drug addict.

Maybe your parents are alcoholics.

Maybe your spouse left you and you are lost, unsure how to move forward.

let go

Sometimes we get so lost in despair that we lose sight of what really matters. It isn't that your family or spouse or life situation doesn't matter. God cares about you more deeply than you know. I can't say why He doesn't always choose to shield us from pain.

But, I can assure you that the moment you take your eyes off of God, focusing on your circumstances, you will falter. You will stumble. I think this is why God asks us to let go of what is hurting us and lean on Him. While He doesn't always remove the hurt and frustration, He does hold us. If we can just learn to stop fighting against Him.

We need a hero

Sometimes, when I am really upset about something, I need Kris to hold me. I need to feel his strong arms wrapped around me, protecting me until the deepest pain fades a little. I can know that I desperately need this, and still I fight to be held. Maybe you've seen in a movie, or experienced in your own life, a scene where the heroine is weeping. She is broken and all she can see is despair. She feels hopeless.  And then, her knight in shining armor rushes in and takes her in his arms. At first, she resists. Maybe it's the knight himself that she has been hurt by. And so everything in her screams that he is not safe.  He will just hurt her again.

But the hero knows that if he can just hold her, he can ease some of her pain. His arms holding her tight will lessen her suffering. Maybe it won't take it all away, and undoubtedly there is still a hard road to healing ahead. But in that moment, as the hero of the moment sweeps in and holds the hurting damsel in distress, pulling her even tighter as she fights to be free from his embrace, something changes.  She begins to physically relax and in that moment, she is able to let go of all the pain and fear and hurt she is holding onto. His arms are a safe place for her to cry.

Has this ever happened to you? I can think of a handful of times where something was causing me pain and Kris held me. And I fought him. I knew I needed the strength found in his embrace, but my body and emotions led me to resist. But like the hero described above, Kris held me tighter. And for a moment, the tension eased and the weeping from pain became sobs of relief, because I was given an opportunity to express my grief in a safe place.

Don't you see?

God wants to be that hero to you.  

He wants you to let go. To let Him hold you. He wants you to know that His arms are safe. You can find comfort and peace and healing in His embrace. But as long as you continue fighting against Him, trying to push His arms away, the pain will overwhelm you.

But how do you let go?

It isn't so much a tangible action. I see it as emotionally relaxing as God embraces you in the midst of your broken heart. Allowing the comfort and safety He provides to overcome you as you lay in His strong arms. Letting go, if I had to describe what it looked like, would be that moment when the rage you feel that makes you fight against the very thing that can help you turns to sorrow...where you accept that you have been wounded. Where you stopped trying to escape the embrace and you allow yourself to be held. Because the One that is holding you will never let you go. He will hold you, though you fight Him, and He will remain there waiting to shower His love and peace and comfort on you the moment your rage is overtaken and you face the pain.

I think the biggest reason we fight against being held is because we fear that the pain will be too much. If we let our guard down, if we let go of all that threatens to tear us down, we are afraid we won't be able to bear it.

But don't you see?

That is why we NEED to accept God's arms around us.  

Because, while we cannot bear the pain, God can.

He is strong enough.

He is big enough.

Your deepest heartache is never so great that God cannot handle it. He can be that soft place to land. If you are familiar with Grey's Anatomy, you know that Meredith and Christina talk about being each other's person. The one that they can depend on no matter what the circumstances are. The one that will come through for them when every other relationship fails.

Here is the truth about God:

He wants to be your person.  

No matter what happens in life, no matter what friends betray you or cause you pain, let God be your person.

Let go.

And let Him hold you.

Matt Hammit - Holding You

Mother in a waiting room Wondering if she'll hold him soon In the darkness searching for some light People say, "It'll be alright" People tell you to hold on tight But what do you have to hold onto tonight?

Where will you find peace when you cry? In these hard times it's not in what you hold on to It's in the one who's holding you tonight

It's like staring down a wishing well The voice inside cries out for help But you've never felt so helpless in your life And time becomes the enemy 'Cause you just got to wait and see While all the world is simply passing by

Where will you find peace when you cry? In these hard times it's not in what you hold on to It's in the one who's holding you tonight

You are safe in the arms of the Father You are safe in the arms of the Father You are safe in the arms of the Father

Will you let go and let God hold you?


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