The Best Investment

Guys, when you buy a car, you maintain it, right? Do you change the oil regularly? Filters? Rotate the tires? Of course you do. You don't purchase a car with the plan of driving it, without maintenance, until the engine blows, that would be foolish. You maintain your house, heating/cooling unit, you may even have a pest control plan and likely have homeowners insurance. You do all these things, spend all that money protecting your investments, right?


How have you protected or maintained your marriage? Because let's face it, your marriage is designed to be the most important relationship in your life on this planet. All too often we don't treat it that way.

My friend, David, was a typical guy. Going through the day to day of life and marriage. Until the engine in his marriage blew up, motivating him to put a plan in place. I asked him to share about the importance of having a maintenance plan...

The Best Investment Strategy

Buffy and I have been working and volunteering with FamilyLife and Weekend To Remember events and now the Art Of Marriage local hosted events since 2008, after a time when we had “nothing left in our marriage” just over six years ago.

Why, you ask?

...sheer desperation...

When we were at that “I have nothing left to give” point in our marriage, we went to our first Weekend to Remember out of sheer desperation. What we found out is this...while we had nothing left to give, God had a whole lot to give us. I often use the phrase Marriage CPR to describe our weekend: Christ Provided Restoration.

So, as my beautiful bride Buffy often says, once you see a great movie or eat a great meal you cannot help but to share the experience. That is why we do what we do now and can’t seem to stop pouring into marriages and families!

Professional development, $1,000,000Marriage development, $0

Now, about investing in your marriage...I often hear that the Weekend to Remember is just too expensive or too time consuming to attend. I thought that was the problem until I found out that even with the offer of a free registration or the cost of $50 for an Art of Marriage, I continue to hear the same complaints.

Men, look at your career and add up what you've spent (or what someone has spent on your behalf) sending you to college, and through professional development. Somehow, investing in your career is important. I added mine up once and found that over my military and civilian careers close to a million dollars had been invested in me, my job growth and career path.

And this investment, like a term life insurance policy, ends. It is temporary. But how about my marriage? How much had I (or someone else invested) in my marriage over the same period?

Nothing, zero, zilch!!!!! NOT A DIME!

And guess what. My career will end, but my marriage will go on. Someday I will retire completely from the workforce. But I will never retire from my marriage. The million dollars invested in my career was money spent for a terminal condition.

You would think that I could figure out how to invest a few hundred dollars into my marriage which is a lifelong investment.

Do the math yourself, which is the best investment strategy?

As long as you're breathing, there is hope.

We encourage you sit down with your budget and your bride, and add marriage maintenance or development as a line item. On a monthly basis (or twice a month!!), add a date night, budgeting whatever you'll need to make that happen. On an annual basis, include either (or both!) FamilyLife's Weekend to Remember or The Art of Marriage. Investing in your marriage pays greater dividends in more areas of your life and legacy than any other investment plan on the planet.

...for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. ~Matthew 6:21

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You can read about how FamilyLife's Weekend to Remember changed our lives here.

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WEekend to Remember
WEekend to Remember

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