I Can't Take It Anymore

The argument had turned bitter. I began to spew out disrespectful, angry words at my husband and in retaliation he had thrown a water bottle across the kitchen counter. The container ricocheted off a small topiary tree sending it spiraling out of control and taking as its victim my favorite decorative porcelain plate. I picked up the shattered pieces and began to yell at him. “Now look at what YOU’ve done!”

can't take it anymore

I Can’t Take It Anymore

For some time our marriage had been suffering. Our priorities had gotten so out of line with kids, work, church and other activities that if this makes any sense, we were merely living together in the same house as "roommates."

My struggling low self-image had held me in bondage to the point that I did not know who I had become. I wanted to feel pretty, to feel valued, loved, to fit in… and in my eyes, my husband had done absolutely nothing to affirm me.

In all honesty, looking back my expectations were so unfair, ungodly and unrealistic. I desired for my husband to fill all the missing voids in my life. I was looking to him to be my god when I should have focused my eyes and my heart on the only one true GOD.

I remember sitting one night on the end of my bed, holding my head in the pillow and sobbing for what seemed like hours. The marriage had crumbled. I was so unhappy at my job, I was full of discontentment, and shamefully I had found myself becoming emotionally attached to another man. It hurt so bad, and I felt so all alone. I just knew I was going to explode. I could feel my leg begin to tremble as I began to cry out, I can’t take it anymore!

Are you in that dark place?

You ever been there? Lord, I can’t take it anymore! Maybe you are in that situation right now. It might be your finances are out of control, your job, health, a relationship, a rebellious child, or maybe you are entrapped in that situation that I was in many years ago, and it feels as if your marriage is what I called, "Lazarus been in the grave three days stankin' dead!"

I sense that there are many of you who are reading this and you who have been standing for your marriage for months, yet now Satan has told you to give it up, it's just not worth it! The pain at times is more than you can bear. The truth is every person on the face of the earth will get to a place sometime in life where they will say: I can’t take it anymore!

Don’t be fooled by Satan’s Lie!

I can’t take it anymore is a lie straight from the pits of hell! Satan has come to kill, steal and destroy. You heard me right! He wants you to feel discouraged and defeated. Honeychild, listen to me, you can make it! By the grace of God you will overcome. That anxiety you are feeling is often fear of what “might be.”

Instead, kick it to the curb, stomp all over it in the Name of Jesus and refuse to allow that negative thought to take up space in your mind. Now is the time to change your focus and concentrate on what is true and positive. The bottom line is GOD is sufficient, HE is sovereign. He will see you through!  Trust puts that anxiety to rest!

Break free from the Lie! Philippians 4:13 says ,”I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  Notice it did not say just a few things, or the things I have money for, the strength for, or the things I think I am qualified for, but it states ALL things!

Cry out to God!  In 1 Peter 5:7 the Bible states, "Cast  all your anxiety on him because he cares for you."  In order for me to break free and for restoration to come to my home and my family I had to realize that with the help of God I was going to be okay.  I sought out God by digging deeper into the Word. I desired a deep down intimate relationship with him. I wanted more than just the head knowledge of God, I desired the heart knowledge.

I had to surround myself with godly people who encouraged me and empowered me. My heart began to soften, I began to repent from the sin that I was entangled in and GOD miraculously began to do a new work in my life. My home and marriage were liberated and we have taken back what the locust had eaten those many years ago.

You see my friend, God NEVER turns a deaf ear to a desperate cry.

When you have done all that you can do, trust GOD to do what you can't! God will make a way where there seems to be no way.

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