Sex That Will BLESS His Socks Off!


I can hear our two kids yelling at each other from upstairs. The smells of freshly burnt garlic bread left over from breakfast, fill the air. Yep, I  know what you're thinking… We were out of bread so I had to improvise on the toast for breakfast and who knew it would burn before I finished curling my hair?

The laundry is finally sorted and, of course into our family's two infamous piles, dirty and funky! Dirty means we can possibly get by with wearing it one more time and funky means you better hold your nose and run as fast as you can after loading it into the washer!

What Do Socks Have  Do With It?

I can see my hubby standing in the master bedroom doorway in his white v neck t-shirt and Fruit of the Loom underwear. His dress socks run high up to his knees and I sense that he is in a hurry to remove them after a long day of meetings at the hospital. Out of nowhere I get this inkling in me to build him up, boost his ego and send his pulse racing into heights unknown! Without giving it a second thought, I blurt out, “baby, leave them socks alone, I am about to get my lips on you and give you a little somethin’ somethin’ to BLESS your socks off!"

NAW, She Didn’t Just Say That!

Nitrogen, that man of mine is going to need some nitrogen! I envision him now reaching for his pills (peanut M&M’s) and clutching his chest as he shouts out, "honey, what have you gone and wrote about now!?" Believe me, I would rather write about rest, relaxation and the specials I found at TJMAXX, yet how can I honestly counsel and give godly advice on sex if I don’t practice what I preach?

Sexual Restoration

Just being candid, it was not until a few years ago when God redeemed our marriage that I started looking at sex in a whole new way. I mean seriously, I don’t know about you, but that was not a subject that was covered very well or at all in our premarital counseling. You see, sex and the intimacy of sex shared within marriage is one of the greatest gifts from GOD that you will ever experience with your spouse.

...And how about the fact that God’s Word commands that we meet our mate’s needs- it does not merely suggest it:

Let the husband fulfill his duty to his wife, and likewise also the wife to her husband. The wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does and likewise also the husband does not have authority over his body, but the wife does. ~I Corinthians 7 3-4

Sex That Will Bless His Socks off

B- BE  spontaneous! It was out of character for me to tell my husband I was about to put something on his lips that AJAX wouldn't take off! Yet, it led to laughter, it broke the ice and we ended up enjoying each other. My words which empowered him were like gas on a fire.

L- Let GOD work! Honeychild, I know all about feeling exhausted, not wanting it, feeling overweight, not pretty enough, not sexy enough, yet I also know that I need to deny my selfishness and respond to my husband. My body is a gift to my husband even though I may feel my bow is a little big and the wrapping paper is a little worn out! When we choose to love selflessly, we honor GOD, we thrill our husbands and we learn to relax and enjoy sex more.

E- Encourage your man, build him up, compliment his features! Honey I like your ________!   Whooodoggie, somebody pass the peanut butter and chocolate! Want to get really brave? Ask your husband to share with you some things that he would like for you to try.

S- Save some time and energy for your spouse. It may mean you have to forget the laundry, the dishes, jump in the shower, sprinkle on your favorite perfume and concentrate on your man. Look, I ain't gonna lie, there are times I even have to pray for GOD to give me the desire! You do your part and trust God to do the rest.

S- Slip into something sexy, slide in between or on top of the sheets, or girlfriend get rid of the sheets! Sizzle it up! Now that's a whole lotta S words!

One of my favorite books is Intimate Issues.The author describes it this way. "We each have a choice to make. You can cook up just plain spaghetti or graduate to Pasta Alfredo!"

You want to get rid of the "Ho-Hum" out of your sex life? Spice it up!!  Use oils, music, candles... for me, it needs to include chocolate!

What do you desire?

You can stay in your boring "ho hum" mode or today you can set the atmosphere for passion and start by adding NEW creativity. Soooo, girlfriend, go BLESS his socks off!

P.S.  I am very sensitive to the fact that there are many who struggle with past hurts, a spouse's addiction to  pornography, emotional abuse, a spouse that does not desire sex, etc. It's important for me to share that it is okay, in fact, perhaps necessary for you to reach out for godly counsel. Don't try to solve it alone. Reach out to a pastor or a godly friend of the same gender and tap into godly resources.

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