Too Much Junk In My Trunk

Get out the peanut butter and chocolate bars! Have mercy sista'!  I'm about to step all over these hot pink painted toes, and honeychild, I'm gonna need a pedicure by the time I am finished!

junk Beep, beep……CAUTION! WIDE LOAD! Beep, beep, beep. Bring on the yellow caution banners, sound the alarms, it never fails my behind always seems to get in the way of me finding a nice pair of jeans! There I said it!

Too Much Junk In My Trunk!

So I sit in total shock because I went to try on a pair of jeans which just happened to be my size, and I could not for the life of me even stretch them over my knobby knees. I mean seriously! Am I the only one who suspects that the manufacturers and designers are adding less and less material to a pair of jeans? I realize the economy is slow, but help a girl’s self esteem out here!

For once, can I find a good pair of fitting jeans without having to go up three more sizes? You know the trend this year is to monogram the pockets of your jeans with your initials. Loving it, loving it, loving it! I am the monogram queen. Problem is I don’t want it to look  like my entire name is spelled out on the back of my pants pocket!

Now don’t misunderstand me. I know all about the bondage of low self-esteem and the comparison syndrome. For many years, I allowed Satan to attack and try to destroy myself worth by wrongfully comparing myself to models on the magazine covers, photos of friends on Facebook, television stars and the lists goes on... Not anymore!

This is my stake in the ground moment! I refuse, I repeat, I REFUSE in the name of Jesus, to allow Satan to take up free rent in my mind and to control my thoughts with lies that are straight from the pits of hell! I am beautiful, trunk and all!

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

My Bible reminds me that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made. So yes, I thank God for how I was created. I am just acknowledging and confessing, as my thirteen- year old son so graciously reminds me, this momma has got a lot of “junk in her trunk!”  BUT, girlfriends I am working on it. This girl has been doing some squats and even though I have split three pair of pants in the process, some thangs is gonna change 'round here!

Refining My Spiritual Trunk

You know sometimes in my daily walk with Christ, I have to refine and clean out some things in my "spiritual trunk." I have been known to have a little southern attitude, (now I know that is hard for you to imagine), to which I sometimes just have to say, "Father, forgive me." There have been times when I had to cry out and say “God, I need You to help me with an attitude adjustment. Keep me in line, Lord! Fine tune me!" There are days  I have to ask God to help me get rid of some things.

Is there a bad habit that you need to break, a sin that needs to be confessed, a bad memory that you need to let go of, forgiveness that you need to grant? Is there some area in your life where you are struggling? Do you let your feelings control your actions and your responses in a way that is not Christlike? You know, sometimes when you are stressed out, worn out and about to pull your hair out you don't think before you speak or react?

It's Squatting Time

Yes, sometimes my friend I have to REFINE a few things. A little squatting needs to take place. What I mean by that is sometimes I have to let go of my pride, fall to my knees and say Lord, I need You to help me rid some of this junk in my trunk! Some spiritual exercise needs to take place. I have to get in the Word, read up, pray up and sometimes 'fess up!

Father God, today I pray that You will order my thoughts and my steps and help me to keep a Christ-like attitude in all that I say and do.

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.  ~Psalm 51:10

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