Releasing the Prodigal

In that first meeting with a godly man, friend and counselor, God reminded me that I was allowing guilt to control my life, and that guilt does not come from God but the enemy of our souls.

So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus. ~Romans 8:1 (NLT) 

I was feeling was guilt, not conviction. I was then reminded of the prodigal son and his father. Remember the prodigal son story? That father gave his son what he wanted, and more, advising his son that the path he was pursuing was not the best choice, yet willingly giving him everything he asked.


I realized that the father did not chase after his son! While it hurt the father to see his son leave, he would not allow himself to be part of his son's prodigal lifestyle.

My dad is the prodigal son. While every son needs to hear from his dad "I'M PROUD OF YOU," I can’t expect to receive something my father can’t give yet. While I want my dad to be part of my life, his grandchildren, daughter in law’s lives, I can’t force him to do the right things, only God can change his heart.

As the protector of my family, I must guard my heart and theirs.

3 things I see the Father has done (and is still doing):

    1. #1 He released his son to make choices
    2. #2 He protected the rest of his family
    3. #3 He waited patiently for his son's return

Where am I?

I’m releasing my father into the hands of the heavenly Father, because he can’t give me what I need until he gets what he NEEDS, and only the heavenly Father can give him that.

I’m releasing him from my life and letting him know when he is ready, I’m ready, because I must STEP UP and MAN UP to be the man God has called me to be, whether or not my dad ever tells me he's proud of me. My heavenly Father is proud of me. And I will protect and love my family. That is my godly duty has a husband and father!

3 things to pray for the prodigal:

    1. #1  He will come to place of desperation...I'm going to die if I don’t get back to my Father.
    2. #2  He will come to his senses
    3. #3  He will realize that, not only has he sinned against his father, but also against God

Until then I wait patiently for my dad’s reunion with the Heavenly Father.

Are you waiting on a prodigal to return to the Father? Are you the prodigal? As long as you are breathing, there is hope!

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