He's An On Time God!

 Have Mercy! Get out the chunky peanut butter, bananas and chocolate. Honeychild, it's confession time!

It’s a little  known fact about myself that only my closest girlfriends and hubby can verify. Yes, it is true. I have kept it in the closet for too long. The rumor is out and I had no other choice, but to face it “head” on! (corny pun intended)
On Time God

Revelation of a Hairy Secret!

For years, I have kept it a dark, secret and have only been able to break the silence every Friday at 8:30 a.m. by venting my frustrations and sharing my joys of elation with my hairdresser Jamie. SO without further ado, let me reveal the deep  hidden mystery, that I  Beverly Weeks, only wash my hair every FOUR days.... I can sense your disappointment. I can only imagine what you are thinking!

You just don’t understand. My thick, coarse, curly hair can be a nightmare. It takes me at least an hour and a half to wash, blow dry and flat-iron my hair. If it does not rain, (by the way sista, I have been known to come against rain clouds with a word of prayer) it looks rather decent on the first and second day. Actually, my hair does better with a little dirt,air pollution, gook,and some hair product on it.

By day three, my hair is looking a little scraggly. I have my unique, unprecedented, formula down to a tee. You see I have been known to flop my head in the kitchen sink and strategically wash the bangs without getting the rest of the hair wet.  That allows me to make it to the infamous day four.

Can Your Hair Affect Your Attitude??

Warning:  IF it rains on day one through day three, I am totally messed up and my entire attitude changes! You don’t want to be around me! So if we ever get caught in a rain storm together without an umbrella, have a little mercy on me, or better yet offer me some chocolate! BUT, (you know I love big BUTS) come Friday when Ms. Jamie gets a hold of my head, I feel like shouting, ”Well GLORY!!”  She washes and messages that scalp, trims any scraggly dead ends, adds just the right amount of conditioner and hot oil treatment… no kidding, she has even been known to use a little COMET on my head.

After her strict regimen, my hair is so invigorated it actually comes alive. That fourth day makes all the difference and following a week of exercise, working outdoors, and parachuting (you should have known that I had to exaggerate a little) it is RIGHT ON TIME!

He's An On Time GOD!

Kind of reminds me of one of my favorite stories in the Bible. Mary and Martha send for Jesus because their brother Lazarus is sick. They wait for Jesus, but he doesn’t come and they are wondering WHY? Let me stop right there, that is a sermon in itself. We have all been there! Lord I still have no job, Lord what about my marriage, Lord what about my healing, Lord what about my finances, sometimes you want to throw your hands up and say Lord, I need you now, rather than LATER and you are crying, God when will you appear?

The Bible tells us that Jesus doesn’t come until that fourth day. Martha runs to him crying and she says something to the effect of “You’re four days late and all hope is gone, Lord, we don’t understand why you waited so long!”  

Four Days Is Right On Time!

Jesus tells Martha to show him the grave and then we see that grave stone rolling back and Jesus commands Lazarus to, “Come Forth!” I can imagine there is a whole lot of shouting going on and someone saying, “He’s alive! He’s Alive!”

Friend, lay down that discouragement, that fear and anxiety you are facing in this battle. It may look like your marriage, your finances, or even your dreams are DEAD, BUT my GOD will prove once again that His timing is right on time, even when it is being four days late!

…but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. ~Isaiah 40:31

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