Don't be a Turkey

It's Thanksgiving week, and let's face it. Not all of us are so thankful. Some of us are dreading it. Why?

In a word:  Family.

I can hear it now.

"How can I be thankful when I have to spend time with _________________?" (your particular fill in the blank might be: My Parents, or My Siblings, the In-Laws, the Outlaws etc...)


My Mother-in-Law will be spending time with us this Thanksgiving, and I am personally very thankful for that! She is a strong, godly woman who has endured more tragedy and heartache in her lifetime than any one person should have to bear. And she loves my family dearly, even sacrificially. It will really be a blessing for her to be with us. And for the first time in our 22+ years of marriage, we won't be going somewhere for Thanksgiving. We get to stay home! I am excited!

Family can be difficult.

But I know it's not like that for everyone. Family members can be difficult. Sometimes next to impossible. And when they're in-laws, then the situation only becomes more complicated. Your spouse might agree that their Aunt Sally is the crabbiest person on the planet, but you are NOT allowed to point it out. That would be inviting trouble to the Thanksgiving table for sure.

Family is Precious.

But on the other hand, family is precious. And scripture has a lot to say about being honorable to family. Treating our own parents with honor is one of the 10 commandments, with a promise. But here's a little warning you might not have ever come across: "Whoever troubles his own household will inherit the wind" - from Proverbs 11:29.

So, my .02 for Thanksgiving:

Don't be a Turkey.

Endeavor to be winsome, whatever it takes, or you might find yourself "sucking wind."

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