You Are Ugly: A Lie From Hell!

My eyes were fixed on the number on the scale. How could this have happened? 5'4" and over 240 pounds….for years, I had eaten just to fill the void. Working in a commission only sales field had definitely had its shares of perks and stresses. lie

If I found myself under emotional stress, wondering where the next sales contract would come from or the next possible lead, I would turn to food as my comfort. On the contrary, if I landed a huge commission pay check the first thing I would do is to reward myself with my favorite meal of steak, bread sticks and Alfredo sauce.

The Lies That Consumed Me

Years of poor healthy eating habits, binge eating and yo-yo dieting had played havoc on my self-esteem. On top of that, I just did not feel beautiful. I found myself trapped inside a marriage of convenience. My insecurities held me in bondage and I did not feel desirable, loved or esteemed by my husband. Sex had no pleasure and for me it had merely become another chore. Our priorities had become so out of line with kids, jobs, church activities, PTA, and other things. We were merely living together as roommates.

The Chains Around My Neck

I found myself making excuses to just to stay at home and lounge around in my frumpy pajamas. The pain was so unbearable. I tried to hide my sense of low self-worth by always laughing at myself, being the life of the party and carrying around the infamous fake smile. Yet at night, I would stand in front of the bathroom mirror, hold my face in my hands and silently weep. I just felt so ugly. Even worse, my looming insecurities had led to a life of coveting, jealousy, envy, self-loathing and just plain outright sin!

The stress and poor nutrition had taken its toll on my body and I began to lose my thick, wavy brown hair. I could remember removing what seemed liked handfuls of broken hair from the bottom of the shower. My pale skin was beginning to shine through my thinning crown. I had thrown away all confidence and chosen to stay in that dark pit, all the while allowing Satan’s chains to be tightened around my neck, arms and feet nearly strangling the life out of me.

The Power to Be Set Free

BUT THEN GOD!! To realize that I, Beverly Weeks, could be set free from the bondage and chains that I was in, to realize that I had the power in the Name of Jesus, to realize that I could cry out to GOD, that HE could empower me to think about my choices, to realize that I was his most valuable prized possession, that I am a child of the King, that I am loved, valued, and esteemed by Him, to realize that through his Holy Spirit I could be set free, to realize that I could pray and find the answers in God's word, changed EVERYTHING!

I want you to know that for years I looked in that mirror and consciously I made the choice to repeat that lie “You are ugly” in my head over and over again. By the power of Jesus, I have stomped and trampled all over that lie and sent it right back to the pits of hell where it came from!!  I am FREE!

You Will Be Tempted

Do I still struggle with my weight? Honeychild, I ain't gonna lie the answer is yes. Do I still feel discouraged at times? Yes. DO I FEEL DEFEATED? NO, NO, NO!!  It is then that I have to make the choice again.  I can choose to stay in the valley of defeat or I can go forth kicking and screaming and declaring that I am covered by the blood of Jesus and there is POWER in HIS name to break every chain!

Do You Want To Be Set Free?

In what area of your life do you need to be set free? Are you in bondage to an insecurity, a poor eating habit, a drug addiction, pornography, isolation, financial crisis, a broken relationship and those chains are strangling the life out of you? Don't wallow in those unhealthy emotions. TODAY IS YOUR DAY OF VICTORY! You can do this!

Send those lies that the enemy is filling your head with right back straight to the pits of hell! Don't allow your fears to fuel your insecurities. Cry out to God and share with him your fears, struggles and challenges. God is saying to you right now, Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest!

I sought the LORD, and He answered me: He delivered me from all my fears. ~Psalm 34:4


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