Merry Christmas!

Nothing brings us around to what is truly important like celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. In addition to celebrating Jesus, we celebrate what God has done in our lives, knowing that as long as you are breathing, there is hope.

God Rewrites Life Stories with Hope

We are so grateful to God for rewriting our stories so we can help people rewrite their stories. It wasn't all that many years ago that we didn't see hope for our marriages- by all of the world's accounts, our marriages were dead. Three days in the grave stankin' dead, as Beverly would say. BUT GOD! With God's relentless redemption, our marriages are ALIVE, and we are sharing God's truth, hope and vision with anyone who will listen...because how will people KNOW there is HOPE if no one tells them?

Rejoice with us over these life stories of redemption and grace, finding hope in their words:

AOM Gateway Davis
AOM Gateway Davis

"You're awesome...thank you so much. We enjoyed this weekend, it was the best weekend we have experienced. I am so blessed that you and your husband gave us such valuable lessons, word, and tools. Truly, all four of you are walking examples of how we are to love our spouses and build amazing marriages through Christ. Words cannot express how grateful we are to you.........we have a foundation to build on, and you have added to that."-Wife

"It was a much needed experience. My husband and I were headed for splitsville; now we are armed with new information and tools, we are headed for reconciliation city!” – Wife

Jennings AOM at Sea

"Intentionally Yours opened my eyes up to so many things!! It only took a few times before I realized I was better than what I was settling for!!! My excuses didn't work anymore!!! I probably wouldn't be where I am now, happily married and full time ministry again without his help!!!" ~Husband

"Just finished the second day of FamilyLife Art of Marriage and all I can say is my eyes are wide open!! If you are getting married, been married for years or you even want to give up on your marriage, please let me know, I will give you contacts of people who can connect you in the next one. It was amazing the things we covered. The resources they gave us to use later, I could go on and on. Please check out Intentionally Yours on fb. Thank you God for giving us such a wonderful gift as marriage and for my husband!! I have been really blessed!" ~Wife

Weeks at AOM

"Over the past several months of mentoring, you have made a HUGE impact on my marriage.  You will never know how much it has meant to have you to encourage me daily, pray over my marriage, be there during trials and tribulations and lift me up when I was down.  I am so glad you were honest with me back in October when you told me that you were not going to “sugar coat” anything, that the next several months and even the next year would be painfully hard as I took a stand for my marriage.  You were so right.  But I took this stand for my marriage and with God on my side and (and at times even with the devil on my shoulder), I am happy to say that my marriage has been REDEEMED and reconciliation has occurred."~Wife

"I live in California. I was on the Family Life Today website desperately looking for audio regarding restoration in marriage when I came across your audio "When a Controller Loves a Liar." This testimony was sooo powerful and similar to me that I just sat there very emotional and started to thank the Lord for your testimony. I tried to keep my composure due to the fact that I was at work.~Husband

"Thank you for your beautiful devotional I prayed and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. Please pray for me and my husband; we are seperated since 2009 and I have been standing ever since for my marriage with God! God bless you."~Wife

Would you join us on the front lines here at Intentionally Yours by supporting God’s work through making a year end tax deductible ministry gift? Your financial gift and partnership empowers us to share God’s truth, hope and vision for marriage with husbands and wives who desperately need it to make their homes godly homes.  Your gift will help us to provide resources, materials, scholarships for the Art of the Marriage events and will help us to offer continued hope to families that are under attack.

We could not spiritually equip and give courage to these families without your help.Would you consider partnering with us by making a financial contribution, either online below, or mailing your gift to us at Intentionally Yours, 120 Christopher Ave, Princeton, NC 27569?

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Numbers to Share

(because although numbers aren't everything, they tell a story!):

  • 205,154 visitors from 180 countries to the Intentionally Yours website
  • 72,337 people liked, shared, commented or posted on the Intentionally Yours Facebook page
  • 1,919,705 people saw any content associated with the Intentionally Yours Facebook page
  • 1,960 people have attended an Intentionally Yours facilitated Art of Marriage events since 2011, 13 events in 2013 birthing marriage ministries at many of those churches
  • 164 people have chosen to submit to Jesus Christ at Intentionally Yours facilitated Art of Marriage events
  • 1,720+ miles driven to 13 Art of Marriage events in 2013
  • AOM AMB Team
  • 35 pounds of Hershey Kisses shared at 13 Art of Marriage events in 2013
  • 1,000 women from 152 churches gathered, worshipped, sang, listened, laughed, cried, prayed, received prayer, shopped, ate chocolate and had some great girl time together at the Intentionally & Wonderfully Made Women's event in January 2013 where Beverly & Sherry spoke

Pray with us, will you?

  • for husbands to step up and lead their wives as servant leaders like never before.
  • for wives to submit to their husbands, coming up under and supporting the mission of their families, cheering their husbands on.
  • AOM Prayer Requests
  • for churches to share the hope for marriage that only comes from Christ, building teams who are passionate about helping build godly marriages and families.
  • for churches to remove the word divorce from their vocabulary, and encourage couples to pursue Christ and His truth, hope and vision for marriages.
  • for churches to seek out military couples in their communities with the hope that only comes from Christ, to bring them in, train them up, and send them out with a mission.
  • for people to commit to partner with IY financially in their God sized dream to share God's truth, hope and vision with 5,000,000 people in 2014.
  • for the Intentionally Yours' team's lives, marriages, and families, that they will be stronger than ever as they draw nearer to God.
  • for Intentionally Yours' writers to continue to boldly share as never before on sought after topics and situations.
  • for our webmaster/tech support, that God will make the work of his hands permanent...and for his upcoming wedding in 2014.
  • for the churches, organizations and businesses considering hosting an Art of Marriage to take that bold step of faith to change marriages and legacies.
  • for new and continuing partnerships with strategic parachurch ministries such as FamilyLife and Cru Military.
  • for God to increase Intentionally Yours' territory, adding invitations to speak all over the world.
  • for the 2014 Love Like You Mean It cruise group, the planning of the 2014 Art of Marriage at Sea, and the 2015 Love Like You Mean It cruise group.
  • for Rick & Beverly and Scott & Sherry and the whole IY team to keep their eyes on Jesus as He leads them into and through 2014.

Father God, above all we seek Your will. We pray that You will help us to live honorably in every way. Bless us by enlarging our ministry territory and extending our lives and influence for Your greater purposes. May Your hand and anointing be upon us so we will walk worthy of our calling. Bless us with Your protection from the evil one and all he tries to bring against us. Lord, we pray for Your favor and divine wisdom to rest mightily upon Intentionally Yours teams, volunteers and donors. May they be blessed with Your joy  and filled with Your goodness. We pray that You will take every financial seed that is planted into Intentionally Yours and return it tenfold. GOD we praise You for their willingness to partner with us in fighting for marriages and equipping men and women to build godly homes. Father, bless us by giving us the desires of our hearts, which You placed there! Grant us favor so that all our plans succeed as You provide Your guidance and provision. Lord, we love You and we commit whatever we do to You. In the mighty Name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

boyds worship
boyds worship
aom at sea  group pic
aom at sea group pic


Intentionally Yours is a 501(c)3 organization committed to sharing God's truth, hope and vision for marriage until every home is a godly home. Will you partner with us in this mission? Thank you for your support!