The Miracle of a Christmas Restoration, Everyday


I need a sign!?! I need a miracle!?! I'm so confused. I don't see break-through. I don't hear God. Nothing is happening. There is no movement, nothing has changed!?!?!?! Where is the restoration? If we haven't said it aloud--I'm sure we have ALL thought it! We are so focused outward sometimes...tunnel vision on WHAT a miracle, a sign, break-through and even restoration is supposed to look like.

As I was relaying a conversation I'd had with someone else, how that other person told me, "Well, ask God and He will give you a sign." My friend replied to me: "Well, isn't it a sign that you want your marriage?"

I have noticed, more and more...the break-through is happening within me. I want to remind everyone--it is IMPOSSIBLE for "nothing" to have changed. Have YOU not changed? I am a different person. I am a better person. I have a deeper faith and have grown tremendously. SO EVEN IF my husband reacts or behaves the same exact way--if I am NOT reacting the same way--it forces and produces change within BOTH of us--because of how we interact with each other.

Recently, my husband and I had a minor exchange--it felt major at the time--but he said things that could have been hurtful. In the past, it would have been EXTREMELY hurtful to me. I noticed it didn't hurt me at all. Not because I am a robot, cold-hearted or in denial--but it exposed my HEALED heart. It was as if he called me a red-head--which I am not, so it wouldn't bother me in one bit. It would be quite ridiculous actually, to attempt to hurt me by calling me a red head. Well, this was the same thing. The words he used just sounded ridiculous to me. I KNEW that they were UNTRUE. They were NOT my identity so I was not going to put any stake in them.

THAT is break-through!!! THAT was victory!

THAT is healing and restoration!!!!!

I know I was so narrow minded, my ONLY view of restoration was; my H being here in my home, living with us and being committed to ME. AS IF there could be NO OTHER way. Then my bio dad found me on face book. Then my dad who raised me--that I had been estranged from for 3 years, was reconciled to all of us. Then I reached out to my mother-in-love and saw how much she had grown spiritually and we remained allies. Then one of my sister-in-loves suddenly became paralyzed and expressed a desired to believe in Christ Jesus as her Lord and savior and be healed--and she WAS healed! Then my son received an apology from a man that had mistreated and tried to bully him.

Then my rent and bills went from 3 months over due to being paid IN ADVANCE! My broken windshield was finally replaced. My husband got a steady job. Lost and stolen items were found and replaced...and on and On and ON--ALL of that is RESTORATION! ALL of that is VICTORY, BREAK THROUGH, HEALING! You ARE in it RIGHT NOW! It is ALL happening RIGHT now! It starts INSIDE of you.

Restoration Begins...

When the Savior of the World arrived--it wasn't like he magically appeared on the scene at the age of 33 and walked up to that cross and said: "Here I am--crucify me!" The RESTORATION of men began INSIDE of Mary! Her spiritual healing grew INSIDE of her. Think of that for a minute.

Then it was physically birthed and the RESTORATION OF MAN was physically walking on the earth for 30 years before He was revealed...YET, He HAD been revealed to Mary, to Joseph, to Elizabeth and Zechariah! To those in the temple, to the Magi...even to King Herod--though he did not recognize it. Was Jesus less a Savior because some people didn't know about Him? Didn't SEE the 'other side,' where He was living and growing up?

The Magi had to SEARCH Him out. That has not changed. We have to search it out too. You have to open your eyes and look for it. Fight for it. But it's HERE. It's all growing inside you. CLAIM that restoration, healing, victory, break-through! Claim it right now and believe.

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