Maybe it's time for a Divorce

I was browsing facebook this morning and saw a link to a blog that caught my attention. The link was posted by a fellow co-worker. The title: "Why I'm Getting A Divorce in 2014" divorce

Divorce, really?

Umm...hello, we work for an organization dedicated to teaching biblical values for marriage and family. We are working to fight against divorce and the devastation it brings. So of course it caught my eye! How could my co-worker be advocating for divorce? I was more than a little concerned. Until I read the actual blog. It's by a pastor who, by his own admission, seems to have a pretty serious problem with his iPhone 5. He's declared that he will be "divorcing" this device, which he refers to as "her" (sounds a little like a movie soon to be released). He shared how "she" is interfering with his important relationships and being a distraction from his priorities in other ways. Now I don't know how far he really intends to go with the whole divorce thing - will he just get a "dumb" phone instead? Is he going to delete all his apps, or maybe turn off his data plan? There were no specifics. But it got me thinking.

I'm not really a big fan of using the word "divorce" in the context he did, but I guess if his "relationship" with his phone has become that much of a problem, then maybe something as radical as a divorce is necessary.

In every marriage, we are either drifting toward isolation or intentionally striving toward oneness with our mate. The drift is natural, inevitable. Then add in the pressures of life, job requirements, disagreements, financial struggles, or just those "simple", even "harmless" seeming every day distractions, and it's no wonder so many marriages are struggling or falling apart.

Scripture teaches us to be on our guard against the infiltration of the enemy. In Galatians 5, the Apostle Paul teaches that "a little leaven ruins the whole loaf." You might think leaven (yeast) is a good thing - it makes bread rise - makes it fluffy  and tasty! Who wants flat bread, right? But throughout scripture, leaven represents the unwanted influence of the world - the ruining of God's chosen people, the pervasive invasion of that which is good. The Apostle Paul wrote "that kind of influence did not come from the one who called you."

Cut it off!

Jesus was even more graphic about how to deal with anything that would distract us from God's purpose for our lives. In Matthew 18 and other passages, Jesus tells us to cut off our hand if it "causes us to sin" or to pluck out our eye if it "offends us." And His reasoning behind that? It's better to enter heaven missing a body part than go to hell with all appendages intact (my version).

So, as I enter 2014, I think now would be an excellent time to take stock of my life and look for anything that could be a hindrance to my most important relationships - with Christ, with my wife, with my family. Maybe it is time for a divorce from THAT which could ensnare my soul so that I can be more free to love and serve those I really care about.

How about you?

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